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Aug 13, 2007 07:58 PM

Sodas w/cane sugar that are available in Mtl

What are the sodas that are available in Montreal, that use cane sugar? I've seen here some Jones soda with cane sugar, & some of Boylan sodas with cane sugar. Are there any others? Can we get imported Coke soda with cane sugar anywhere in Montreal?

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  1. Apparently the Mercury Brewing Company makes a brand of soda with cane sugar:

    Unfortunately, it only appears to be available in New England (I can't tell if it's just Massachusets from the map, my US geography isn't good enough) - maybe something to pick up on your next trip down south, or if you have a friend from that area coming to visit?

    Edit - also found this thread: which led me to:

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      Hansen's soda use to be in Montreal, & they use cane sugar. Haven't seen Hansen's soda here in about 2 years.

    2. Santa Cruz sodas are made with evaporated cane juice. You can find then in most health food stores or health foos sections of supermarkets. Blue Sky organic sodas are also made with cane sugar. I've seen some Blue Sky at Loblaws, but I dont remember if it was the organic kind.

      Also, sugar produced in Montreal is made from Cuban sugar cane, so I would check into local brands like Kiri.

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        I've tried Santa Cruz sodas before. Can't remember if I liked their sodas or not. I've give them a try soon. Blue Sky sounds familiar(blueish can from memory). Kiri sodas are still being produced?

        1. re: BLM

          Yes, Kiri still exists.

          I don't know if they use cane sugar, though. They probably use liquid invert sugar, which is just as bad as HFCS. Most of the time, in Canada, if you see glucose-fructose on a label, you're getting liquid invert sugar.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            Gotta check Kiri out (they closed down there location on Taschereau a couple of years ago) I remember them being very similar to Eskimo drinks from my childhood.

            i'm not sure if this mexican soda i had a restaurant in CDN that closed down also) has sugar cane in it. All I remeber it was less sweet than regular sodas w/c i liked. If I'm not mistaken I saw it recently @ Super C in their ethnic section. Selling it @ $1.25 a pop ~ Begins with the letter j. I'll have to pick some up.

            1. re: Yummy Stuff

              Oh yeah, Mexican sodas. I know for sure that Goya, which is actually American, has HFCS, but Jarritos is really Mexican, is really delicious, and is made with sugar.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                Thanks SnackHappy! That's the name of it Jarritos... yup that Super C i was talkin about has the Goya sodas as well. I much prefer Kola Champagne by good 'ol Good-O. They sell it by the 2L bottle in CDN but for some reason my fiancee & I prefer it straight from the can.

                Ah I remember back in the 80's when I use to get a patty & a Goya pop for one whole paper dollar ;0)

            2. re: SnackHappy

              I like the Fanta orange that I get from Indian restaurants & Indian food stores, that I'm guessing comes from India. Don't know if Fanta orange from India is using cane sugar(there's no ingredient list in the Fanta orange bottles I get). There's a also a Fanta orange that comes from Poland that I see available in Eastern Europeen food stores.

              1. re: BLM

                If I were to guess, I would say there's a big probability that Polish sodas are made with beet sugar.