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Aug 13, 2007 07:05 PM

Good seafood in Old Town?

I keep hearing that there are several tourist traps in Old Town. Are there any decent seafood restaurants in the area that isn't terribly overpriced but delicious?


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  1. I haven't found anything to really rave about yet in terms of a more formal establishment, though I would recommend Eamonn's, a casual fish n' chips type thing I can tell you that the Fish Market is an overpriced tourst trap! (At least in my opinion).

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    1. re: MDoodle

      But the "Schooner" of beer is a hell of way to start a night! Ha!

      1. re: LaceyB522

        Haha, I'll certainly agree with you on that one!

        Also, forgot about the Chart House. Good point.

    2. I have always had a good experience at the Charthouse. I believe its a chain, but the food has always been to my liking. It has a nice ambiance, also - if that's important. I went to the Wharf once and it was OK - not amazing. We had a great waiter, so that always makes the experience better.

      The Fish Market is a fun place - not amazing food, by any means, but very fun.

      1. A fun and often overlooked place is Union St. Public House. They have a raw bar on the first floor, opposite side of the bar. I have always found the service to be fine, and like the atmosphere better than Fish Market.
        If you are looking for chef's who ONLY serve fresh fish, never Sysco products...well then you have to look to the Armstrongs of Eve, Majestic and Eamonn's.
        And I agree that the Chart House, albeit a chain, is one of thee nicest Chart Houses I've seen. The view is fantastic and it WILL satisfy your seafood jones. The crab soup can't be beat too.