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Hell's kitchen finale (moved from Not About Food)

Was America watching the same show I was??? I mean just the fact that Rock picked Josh to be on his team, knowing his shortcomings - and then had to be TOLD to remove him from his station because he couldn't get a crab cake right (it's not rocket science to fry a crab cake) just shows how un- Head Cheflike he is. What a joke. What did America see that I didn't, that they voted for him overwhelmingly (mind you, you did vote for Bush also). Rock has proven time and again that he is not capable. What was he Executive chef of anyways? He hardly showed any leadership all along, and tonight, well....

GR was more impressed with Bonnie's restaurant, her menu (at least the editing made it look that way) and her service (despite the pasta and prawn semi fiasco). Why would he pick him over her? I think she showed much more potential and capacity to learn that Rock did.

Color me clueless.

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  1. Actually, Rock never picked Josh... he was the last person.

    1. I also just posted about the finale in a separate post - http://www.chowhound.com/topics/430997

      I think it was the Battle of the Mediocre Titans.

      Overall, Rock was more solid (pun *so* not intended) than Bonnie was throughout the show. Unless there was a major faux paux by either cheftestant, Rock overall was better.

      1. It seemed to me that Bonnie's ingredient blunders were probably much more damaging from a customer satisfaction standpoint. There's no reason why she should have run out of key ingredients so early on in the service. It seems like Melissa probably ended up wasting a lot of prawns by overcooking them, but Rock's team still had more than enough crab cakes even after Josh spent a half hour burning one crab cake after another.

        1. Well it’s over. The better Rock won.

          And for the last time this season, Jfood’s observations:

          - Compare the prep. Rock going over the menu with his team while Bonnie relaxed on the couch chatting with her teammates; 5 points to Rock
          = Rock 5 Bonnie 0
          - Restos came together nicely. Bonnie ran out of wallpaper and Rock’s booths arrived in the nick of time: Draw – 5 points each
          = Rock 10 Bonnie 5
          - Bonnie understanding what buttons were on the chef’s jacket, Rock pulling it over his head like a sweater; 5 points to Bonnie
          = Rock 10 Bonnie 10
          - Teammates – Rock had Josh and Bonnie had Julia. Although Julia was a immature, whining bad loser and GR probably took his offer off the table because of her attitude, Rock had Josh. Although Julia was totally disruptive, Bonnie did not allow her to ruin anything that we saw. Josh on the other hand caused the 30-minute delay. 10 points to Bonnie. Rock gets 5 points because he was stuck with the last pick (BTW where did Rock get all those extra crab cakes?)
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 20
          - Desserts presented to GR; 5 points to Rock
          = Rock 20 Bonnie 20
          - Menus were well received by the custos; Draw – 5 points each
          = Rock 25 Bonnie 25
          - Rock letting Josh go too long on crab cakes – Minus 5 points for Rock
          = Rock 20 Bonnie 25
          - Rock swapping Vinnie for Josh – Minus 5 points for Rock as GR had to tell him what to do;
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 25
          - Bonnie holding her temper with Julia – Plus 5 points for Bonnie; should have kicked her butt; minus 3 points for Bonnie
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 27
          - Bonnie serving undercooked Prawns – Minus 5 points for Bonnie
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 22
          - Bonnie running out of prawns; Minus 5 points for Bonnie
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 17
          - Bonnie running out of her signature dish; Minus 5 points for Bonnie
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 12
          - Both teams completed the Service; Draw – 5 points each
          = Rock 20 Bonnie 17
          Total Jfood score – Rock 20 vs. Bonnie 17

          As you can see the returned signature dish, pasta and prawns as well as running out of this dish cost Bonnie the Resto

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          1. re: jfood

            Bonnie can go back to flipping grilled cheese for her rich rugrats. Her inadequete prep work and returned dishes are reason enough to send her home.
            I think one must look at their performances over the entire show, not just the last one, to really see how much better qualified Rock is.
            That said, I'd never go to his "multimillion $" place in LV.
            Speaking of LV, why is it so ballyhooed as a food mecca? What local fresh highly prized ingredients come out of that region? How original, cutting edge, and brilliantly created is the food?

            1. re: Leonardo

              ...but I'll miss maitre d' John Phillip's phony French accent!

              1. re: Leonardo

                "What local fresh highly prized ingredients come out of that region?"

                Money, obviously.

                1. re: mlgb

                  Money doesn't buy class or good taste.

              2. re: jfood

                Even though jfood's writing style bugs the crap out of yumyum, this analysis is spot on.

              3. Given the potential, ongoing marketing candy they gave up by not picking Bonnie, I still have to go with Rock. He didn't win a chance to learn more, he won the keys to the castle. Bonnie chose an unecessary argument on a one time line. They will never work together again; so why not move on past the distracting, non-essential wrapping task... Rock has the creative chops necessary for the high profile sit down and Bonnie....well she does pasta.

                1. greetings, in case you missed it, "Rock" is short for Rahman, which is usually a Muslim name, and one of his mentors was Muslim I think. Rock was exec chef at a fairly well known Southern-food establishment at Union Station in Washington, D.C. The show made his organizing the prep look more focused than Bonnie's, which would be expected from a exec chef vs. a personal chef. cheers

                  1. The right contestant won this competition,

                    Bonnie showed time and time again she has no business being in a professional kitchen, and should stick to her jobs as a nanny, and personal "chef". Her kitchen controlled her, and she was unprepared. Also those who think she is good looking really need to get out of the house a little more.

                    Rock, a family man who has paid his dues was the solid choice.

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                    1. re: swsidejim

                      It clear through her heavy makeup that Bonnie had really bad skin. Good looking? Really? Fox was banking on that and that's how she made the finals?

                      1. re: Leonardo

                        To be fair, people are prone to break out during stressful or hot situations. I wouldn't be surprised if Bonnie's skin was fine during her audition, but then went downhill throughout the season. We all saw what happened to Melissa- eek!

                    2. Okay - I don't care what either contestant looked like. But I still am not swayed by your arguments. Bonnie was much more creative in her menu - even if pasta was her signature dish (do we not remember the Julia's steak entree which was by far the most popular of that service...... ) it seemed that it was good pasta, as one of the customers didn't even care if there were no prawns left - or fettucine - she really liked the pasta!!
                      Rock IMO did not show any leadership qualities throughout the season, whereas I think Bonnie improved with every service. And you can't buy a palate like hers. Who cares if she was only a nanny and a personal chef (by the way, what do you all have against PCs????) - she held her own much better over the course of the show than Rock did.

                      Oh yeah, Rock wanted his waitstaff in jeans......

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                      1. re: maisonbistro

                        Bonnie couldnt even get her staff to do the required prep work she ran out of almost evry item on her menu. Unacceptable

                        Bonnie also cried on the line numerous times(100x worse than wanting a waitstaff in jeans). Unacceptable. She would have had zero credibility with any kitchen staff.

                        Either way this show was simply comic relief for me, and not something I took very seriously. None of the contestants were very good.

                        1. re: swsidejim

                          Let's not forget her other inventory issues (not checking to see if all shipments for the fish came in. She got the bones for the soup but not the fillets. Throwing away the fish). Since she ran out of food early it's safe to say that its another inventory mishap...

                          She is also not assertive enough. She should have told Julia to put a cork in it.

                          Also, Rock was much better getting his team to work together. He used the royal "we" when motivating the staff. Bonnie kept on saying "I want this, I want that" that's got to be a major no no. In mgmt training they tell you never to use I it's always we...

                          1. re: asianstamp

                            good points, I agree the inventory issues, lack product knowledge, and planning issues seem to be a pattern of someone with little experice cooking in a larger venue.

                            1. re: asianstamp

                              That was a big red flag for me as well. 'I want this...' as opposed to 'We need this...'

                              After all there is no 'I' in team.(Can't believe I wrote that even as a joke.)


                          2. re: maisonbistro

                            i don't have anything against pcs-- they are good at serving maybe a dozen people, tops. that's obviously the same number bonnie did her prepwork for. an exec chef's organizational skills to serve 75, 100, 150 people are completely different and bonnie seriously fumbled the ordering, prep, organization, team/job time, etc. which means by the end of service she wasn't even serving what was on her own menu, or her own so-called signature dish. pretty weak.

                          3. Well said, LW. "A Battle of the Mediocre Titans"

                            As a Julia fan from the get-go, I was disappointed in her attitude last night. I forgave her breakdown during the reunion, but the old Julia would have sucked it up by service and pushed through, giving her absolute best. I hope jfood is wrong about GR taking culinary school off the table.

                            When Bonnie and her brigade were lounging around, seemingly without a plan and only 10 hours to service, I thought she was doomed. I am so curious as to how they pulled it all together in time. I am a definite "planner" and cannot for the life of me understand the "wait till the last minute" types.

                            In the end, I was voting for Rock. It just seemed to me that he would benefit most from the position. When he opened the door, he seemed truly grateful where I imagined Bonnie would just be jumping up and down with giggling girlie glee had she been the winner.

                            All that said, I enjoyed the series and feel a little sad that it is over. With TNFNS, Top Chef, Hell'sKitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, it has been a great summer for TV viewing, IMO. I have also truly enjoyed the CH discussions on all.

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                            1. re: KTBearW

                              Rock deserved to win and Bonnie was a class act when she seemed genuinely happy for him unlike sour Julia who really seemed bitter and nasty last night.

                              1. re: LesleyEats

                                That's what I thought! Has anyone else noticed that on any of these chef competition shows, that steak, prime rib, or any type of beef cooked always comes out ahead. I am coming to the conclusion that people love their red meat and it is really difficult to muck that up. Although I agree they were both lacklustre, Bonnie's lack of preparation and failure to attend to details were her demise. I was surprised at the number of times that GR had to intervene with Rock and his kitchen.
                                Can I just say, LEats, that I too thought the same thing about being a gracious winner. Total class and she really was genuinely happy for him. I wish someone would have pointed that out to Julia. I was fed up with her whiney, sucky baby attitude. Does she not realize that she only made herself look bad? By the way, I was totally unimpressed with both restaurant designs and decor. And....one last thing - Bonnie's truffle plate was not good, but mini choc chip cookies and milkshakes for dessert? My husband was howling saying he would NEVER order choc chip cookies and milkshake for dessert; neither would I.

                                1. re: itryalot

                                  Rock definitely deserved to win, but mainly because he was more impressive throughout the season. I was also impressed with Bonnie's attitude after coming in second, but it also showed to me that she just didn't want it badly enough (she didn't seem to feel badly at all, which was a little strange).
                                  It may sound like chocolate chip cookies and a milkshake for dessert may not be that exciting, but i have to say that i've had Michael Mina's 'rootbeer float and chocolate chip cookies' for dessert at his las vegas restaurant, and i still dream about the deliciousness of it...I actually have the cookie recipe and every time i make them i get rave reviews.

                                  1. re: twiggles

                                    Good point re: Bonnie, Twiggles. She admitted in a recent episode that this was too much for her, so it makes sense that she'd be relieved when she lost to Rock. And I'd order milk shake and cookies for dessert in a heartbeat!

                                2. re: LesleyEats

                                  I was *really* disappointed in Julia last night, as I said in my other post:

                                  "What was up with Julia? Editing made it seem like she was almost sabotaging Bonnie. Why wouldn't she just wrap up whatever Bonnie asked her to wrap up? "I won't argue with you." But you *were* arguing with her, Julia.

                                  Julia was undeniably pissed off she didn't win. But as much as I liked and rooted for Julia throughout the show, I wanted to yell "GET OVER IT!" at her. This episode made her look really bad. Not sure why the editors felt it necessary, unless it was the only thing they could do to have Bonnie's kitchen look screwed up."
                                  Would really like to know why she was so nasty. It was really unlike anything we had seen her do.

                                  1. re: LindaWhit

                                    Here's one thing that no one has pointed out, re: Julia. Her reason for not wanting to wrap the item up was that the two other cooks were not doing anything at the moment, whereas she was in the middle of doing something. So she felt she shouldn't be the one asked - and she said that. Instead of seeing the logic in that response, Bonnie kept having a go.

                                    I may be grasping at straws, but.....

                                    1. re: cackalackie

                                      I recall Julia saying something like "why not ask one of them to wrap it up?" but I don't remember if Jen and Melissa weren't doing anything. Was that actually shown?

                                      1. re: LindaWhit

                                        I just saw the other two walking in and out of the camera range. Not sure what they were doing...

                                3. re: KTBearW

                                  Although jfood has no inside knowledge of the show (even though the predictions for the last month have been spot on, wish he were that good in Vegas) if jfood had a say he would pull theplug on sending Julia anywhere other than back to her resto. Her stock went to $0.00 in jfood's eyes. The negative adjectives one could use to describe her performance last night would crash the ch server. Pitiful.

                                  1. re: jfood

                                    YAY we all agree on something - Julia. Yes, you didn't win - you weren't in the final two, but your are back center stage, under Gordon Ramsay's nose, prove to him that you are worthy of his interest in you and your career - don't act like a whiny brat (you'd think Bonnie would be better at dealing with that - being a nanny and all) and cook. Wanna prove yourself - COOK woman, COOK.

                                    1. re: maisonbistro

                                      It makes me wonder if Julia would have been the same way had she been picked to be on Rock's team. She did, after all, want him to win between the two finalists.

                                      1. re: maisonbistro

                                        Just a minor point of correction. Julia did not make the final 3. What should Bonnie have doen with the whiner. in a real situation, "you're fired!" in her normal employ she could send the brat to their room. Here she needed to make the decision, play 3 versus 4 or suck it up.

                                        And Melissa acted pretty well until the "stupids" kicked in. "Ah Bonnie we have one praaaawn left".

                                        1. re: jfood

                                          I don't know y'all, I can't stand Gordon Ramsay. Just cannot stand the man. Even when he's trying to be nice, he's irritating as hell. My sister wanted to see it last night, so we watched it, but I hated watching it and woke up in the WORST mood today.
                                          There. There's my dissenting rant.

                                          1. re: aurora50

                                            I think for the next season they only hire people who currently work in fast food and they should change the set to a fast food restaurant like McDs or In and Out. The cast and food would be much higher class and professional.

                                  2. I'm glad Rock won. Bonnie was an idiot. She had all these grand ideas for food but was clueless regarding execution and logistics. Personal chef? Sounds like she padded her resume to me. Whipping up Kraft macaroni and cheese for the squawling brats does NOT constitute being a chef...
                                    Julia disappointed me; she needs to let go and seize the opportunity GR has offered her.

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                                    1. re: mollydingle

                                      I agree with the personal chef title. Nowdays it seems anyone who takes a few culinary classes at the local Junior College thinks they can call themselves a personal chef..

                                      1. re: swsidejim

                                        Bonnie was such a good loser because she must have been scared to death to go into a real kitchen if she won. Also if you look at he bios on the Top Chef site most of the contestants claim to be self taught under culinary education, the talent on TC seems to be far superior to HC

                                        1. re: jscott65

                                          I agree, she would have been further exposed working in a real restaurant where they just couldnt close the doors after she wasnt able to handle a dinner service, and ran crying from the line.

                                          Bonnie does a disservice to the many fine female line cooks I have worked with back in the day who would have never cried on the line no matter what.

                                    2. What's with all the Bonnie-bashing. She kicked Rock's butt the week before with her pasta against fried chicken and crabcake (jfood continue to think the chicken/crab is a bad combo). Then Rock's crabcake almost cost him the competition, first by giving him Josh and second, by giving him Josh.

                                      Everyone is soooo impressed with Julia, and all she did when she was instrumental in the service a few weeks ago was grill up some steaks. Hello, we all do that every weekend. She failed miserably the next week on the line. And then we saw her true fangs come out last night, as stated elsewhere jfood places no value in people who act that way..

                                      Bonnie made it to the finals and she appeared to be a damn good chef. She got on the show, was probably considerd an "also ran" and made it to the finals. Jfood would bet that most people who are bashing her couldn't outcook her with a week's practice.

                                      Jfood for one is proud of Bonnie's showing, of Jenn's showing, of Vince stepping up after Josh did a face plant and most of all congrats to Rock for winning the whole thing. And now people are critical of Bonnie for being a gracious loser? Getta life.

                                      Bonnie lost because she miscalculated how much food she would need for a full service. And it was the first time she ever did that particular task. And jfood's question is where the heck was Mary Ann, her sous chef, when the portion count was being completed. She was there to help, one would assume. Heck, Rock must have had 300 crab cakes the way Josh was disposing of them. She was WAAAAAAY ahead before that group of major guffaws.(See jfood running tally above).

                                      And for those posters that have some animosity to people who can afford a personal chef, and calling their children "little brats", it appears the posters themselves are acting much more bratty. Grow up please.

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                                      1. re: jfood

                                        jfood, Julia also was able to step up and fry the damn quail eggs that everyone else in the girl's group kept breaking in Ep. 1; she won the high school cafeteria favored lunch, and she seemed like she was learning and moving ahead with each new challenge, moreso than Bonnie, who just seemed to continue to fumble along. Perhaps Bonnie won at the "right time" to put her in the Final 3 with Rock and Jen.

                                        But Julia did better than anyone (including herself) expected. So I think that's why I was so, so surprised that she was so nasty to Bonnie last night. Perhaps she saw herself as better than Bonnie overall, but it still didn't warrant her visible and audible ire towards Bonnie. That was my surprise.

                                        1. re: LindaWhit

                                          jfood was late to the party so did not see the quail egg adventure. But jfood would expect a cook from Waffle house able to crack and fry an egg in her sleep. Wrt the cafeteria, this should also have been right up her alley from her Waffle House experience.

                                          Bonnie and Julia both did better than anyone would have expected. Butin the end Bonnie showed how to loose graciously and Julia did not.

                                          1. re: jfood

                                            Agree on both points jfood (the quail egg adventure, all of the women weren't letting Julia "play" in the kitchen and were, in fact, ignoring her completely. Eventually, it was she who was the only one able to cook eggs).

                                            All I was responding to was your "hello - she grilled steaks - what's so great about that, we all do it" comment. Quite frankly, if a Waffle House cook can cook an egg, I would think that Exec/Sous/Line chefs should ALL be able to do the same. But they couldn't.

                                            Re: Bonnie losing graciously - yes she did. And Julia did not. However, I still believe it was Bonnie winning at the right time that put her there. Not through any great skill set.

                                            1. re: LindaWhit

                                              as in many facets of life, timing is everything

                                        2. re: jfood

                                          Thanks - I would say what I do for a living, but would get my post banished to cyberspace. But I think Bonnie did a stand up job and Rock never really impressed me, being that in his previous life he was an Executive Chef. I know what that entails and I don't think he demonstrated those skills. A real EC would have sent Josh out of that appetizer section so fast.....

                                          1. re: jfood

                                            First of all Bonnie did not did not 'kick Rocks butt' she won by one vote. Far from a kicking. Personally I saw that seventh final and deciding vote coming a mile, if not more, off.

                                            Second: Agree nothing wrong with being gracious winner. Probably genuine plus relief that the whole thing was over.

                                            Third: Agree about the crab chicken thing. I can see the whole southern thing but it does seem an odd combo. But that's was interesting about food sometimes you just don't know until you try.


                                          2. I just heard an interview with Rock on NPR's Talk of the Nation. He mentioned that the restaurant he will be running at GVR will be Italian, and he has no experience with Italian cuisine!

                                            It did seem that when all was said and done, he deserved the win. But I wish him luck with this. He says he can cook anything, but one would think that a restaurant hiring a chef for a quarter mil would want someone a little more on the mark!

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                                            1. re: Fydeaux

                                              And Heather's restaurant (winner from HK2) is also Italian. Hmmm.....

                                              1. re: LindaWhit

                                                Wait. So is the first dude's kitchen I think. Anyone know for sure?

                                              2. re: Fydeaux

                                                I'm guessing they (GVR) got about $5 Million in comperable ad cost for what I'm sure would be a slight fee and the promise to pay the 250K salary of the winner. I'm sure the resort is happy.

                                                They also get to market the winner for a year. Vegas has some serious dining destinations, but the Ranch is rarely if ever mentioned in those circles. Meanwhile, the average Joes who head there might take a trip to GVR to meet the celeb chef who need not know how to cook. All they have to do is put him out front, shaking hands, and a few thousands extra eaters in the course of a year will cover the tab.

                                                And I'm not bagging on Rock. I like the guy and thought he would win. Likewise I hope he gets his own place. But you can be sure the shrewd owners covered their butt and if a corpse won, they'd make back their bet.

                                                That's Vegas.

                                                1. re: tastyjon

                                                  The Ranch is by no means a "destination" spot for dining or otherwise. It's not on the strip, or anywhere near it. It's half way between the Strip and Henderson (where some really lovely high priced hotels are, such as the Ritz Carlton). I'd consider it the type of place where people would stay if they don't want to spend the prices that you normally would pay on the Strip for similar accommodations at hotels like Bellagio, Wynn or Venetian (the rooms do look quite lavish from the website). Or, if you couldn't get a room on the strip. Nice spa, nice shopping, condos, etc.

                                                  I don't think dining aficionados are expecting anything remarkable from the restaurants on the premises. You want a dining experience - you go into LV proper. And as for the restaurant which Rock will be cooking at, it's not a Gordon Ramsey restaurant anyway. He has pretty much nothing to do with it, his name isn't on it.

                                                  With all the wonderful restaurants out there, I personally wouldn't consider ever going out there to try this one. Even IF I were staying off-strip (which I have). Doesn't even tempt me.

                                                  1. re: sivyaleah

                                                    Just a minor geography correction: Green Valley Ranch is in Henderson. Green Valley is a very, very large master planned community that fills the space between the south eastern tip of Las Vegas and the older, original Henderson. Green Valley is a master planned community that started in the 1970s and has expanded first west and now south pretty much constantly since that time. You are correct that it is between Las Vegas proper and the older parts of Henderson.

                                                    The luxurious hotels you are referring to are at Lake Las Vegas, which is a man made lake built on the road from Henderson to Lake Mead. It technically has a Henderson address, but most locals would be more likely to consider Green Valley Ranch to be in Henderson (although they'd probably prefer to just say it is in Green Valley) before they considered Lake Las Vegas to be in Henderson.

                                                    And I've eaten at several restaurants at GVR, and they've all been pretty mediocre, so the standard isn't that high for Rock to succeed.

                                                    1. re: Megiac

                                                      I stand corrected :-) I've stayed at the Ritz, and should have remembered it was Lake Las Vegas. I didn't realize GVR was actually considered Henderson tho, I thought it was still in Las Vegas.

                                                2. re: Fydeaux

                                                  Well, he does know how to make frozen gnocci!

                                                  1. re: Fydeaux

                                                    well jfood guesses his first two dishes will be his crabcake with fried chicken parmesan and, can you just imagine,

                                                    you guessed it, Rock admits that Bonnie's Fettuccini Special was the best dish at the competition and traded Pebbles and Bam-Bam for a few hours for the recipe.

                                                    1. re: jfood

                                                      Anyone want to take bets on whether or not there will be Lobster Bisque on the menu?

                                                  2. At least Melissa looked less like a crack head. She seemed very messed up before.

                                                    1. The thing that cost Bonnie the prize was that she didn't want to win, or even expect to win. She has said that numerous times in interviews. And it showed during the finale. In between the lackluster planning, the returned shrimp and not throwing Julia off the team when she wasn't doing as Bonnie said.....all of it adds up, or subtracts more like it from her winning the prize. However, she did say her goal in participating in the program was to learn which I believe she did. If she manages to open a restaurant I would imagine that she'll be successful. As far as Julia is concerned, we don't see what the editors leave on the floor, but, I would feel lousy and not have my heart in it if I was picked next to last as well, especially if I had carried my team more than a few times. Yes she should have acted more professionally but why should her heart be in the team when both teams treated her like a red headed step-child? Once again I say Bonnie should have chucked her just like Rock switched positions on Josh.

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                                                      1. re: bigmackdaddy

                                                        Well I missed all the excitement. Can't understand why Bonnie would choose cookies and milshakes for dessert.I would have done some sort of pasteries and sorbets or something.Had a hunch Rock was going to win. The waiters wearing jeans would be great if Rock was doing upscale steaks and Tex-Mex,or as they now call it Cowboy Cusine.

                                                        1. re: HollyDolly

                                                          No no no, ROCK chose cookies and a milkshake- and wanted to serve it in a regular glass - GR suggested he cut the amount and serve it in a martini glass -yup choc. chip cookies and a milkshake!!

                                                          Bonnie did a truffle plate, which GR was not too happy with - thought it was too skimpy so she said she's bulk it up - not sure what her final signature dessert was.

                                                          1. re: HollyDolly

                                                            Bonnie didn't do the cookies and milkshake. That was Rock. Bonnie did a plate of assorted truffles. GR said they looked lost on the plate, so she added a couple of squiggles of chocolate syrup or something. Rock put his milkshake into a martini glass at GR's suggestion. At least one diner seemed to love it.

                                                        2. i missed some of the show but heard rock on NPR-what was the lobster bisque issue???

                                                          1 Reply
                                                          1. re: toncasmo

                                                            6th episode challenge - they had to use lobster in 3 different dishes. Jen's crab and lobster bisque (with "eclectic spices") won over Brad's lobster bisque with chantilly. Rock was pissed - saying Chef Ramsay has told them time and again to step out of their comfort zone, and he thought Brad had done that vs. a "basic" crab & lobster bisque that Jen made.

                                                          2. I wouldn't be so quick to bash the cookies and milkshake.. My guess is that Rock used high quality ingredients and maybe improvised a little. Besides, how many foodies such as myself have ordered gourmet desserts such as tiramisu (?) or assorted chocolate dipped fruit, etc, in high end restaurants and have either not been really impressed or have been disappointed? Sometimes a spin on the simple things can be quite good.

                                                            1 Reply
                                                            1. re: bigmackdaddy

                                                              thanks- i thought the lobster bisque was something in the finale and got confused! i do remember that now tho
                                                              i agree with the milkshake thing- i also do love the root beer float and cookies at michael mina! don't knock it until you've tried it!