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Aug 13, 2007 07:04 PM

Hell's kitchen finale (moved from Not About Food)

Was America watching the same show I was??? I mean just the fact that Rock picked Josh to be on his team, knowing his shortcomings - and then had to be TOLD to remove him from his station because he couldn't get a crab cake right (it's not rocket science to fry a crab cake) just shows how un- Head Cheflike he is. What a joke. What did America see that I didn't, that they voted for him overwhelmingly (mind you, you did vote for Bush also). Rock has proven time and again that he is not capable. What was he Executive chef of anyways? He hardly showed any leadership all along, and tonight, well....

GR was more impressed with Bonnie's restaurant, her menu (at least the editing made it look that way) and her service (despite the pasta and prawn semi fiasco). Why would he pick him over her? I think she showed much more potential and capacity to learn that Rock did.

Color me clueless.

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  1. Actually, Rock never picked Josh... he was the last person.

    1. I also just posted about the finale in a separate post -

      I think it was the Battle of the Mediocre Titans.

      Overall, Rock was more solid (pun *so* not intended) than Bonnie was throughout the show. Unless there was a major faux paux by either cheftestant, Rock overall was better.

      1. It seemed to me that Bonnie's ingredient blunders were probably much more damaging from a customer satisfaction standpoint. There's no reason why she should have run out of key ingredients so early on in the service. It seems like Melissa probably ended up wasting a lot of prawns by overcooking them, but Rock's team still had more than enough crab cakes even after Josh spent a half hour burning one crab cake after another.

        1. Well it’s over. The better Rock won.

          And for the last time this season, Jfood’s observations:

          - Compare the prep. Rock going over the menu with his team while Bonnie relaxed on the couch chatting with her teammates; 5 points to Rock
          = Rock 5 Bonnie 0
          - Restos came together nicely. Bonnie ran out of wallpaper and Rock’s booths arrived in the nick of time: Draw – 5 points each
          = Rock 10 Bonnie 5
          - Bonnie understanding what buttons were on the chef’s jacket, Rock pulling it over his head like a sweater; 5 points to Bonnie
          = Rock 10 Bonnie 10
          - Teammates – Rock had Josh and Bonnie had Julia. Although Julia was a immature, whining bad loser and GR probably took his offer off the table because of her attitude, Rock had Josh. Although Julia was totally disruptive, Bonnie did not allow her to ruin anything that we saw. Josh on the other hand caused the 30-minute delay. 10 points to Bonnie. Rock gets 5 points because he was stuck with the last pick (BTW where did Rock get all those extra crab cakes?)
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 20
          - Desserts presented to GR; 5 points to Rock
          = Rock 20 Bonnie 20
          - Menus were well received by the custos; Draw – 5 points each
          = Rock 25 Bonnie 25
          - Rock letting Josh go too long on crab cakes – Minus 5 points for Rock
          = Rock 20 Bonnie 25
          - Rock swapping Vinnie for Josh – Minus 5 points for Rock as GR had to tell him what to do;
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 25
          - Bonnie holding her temper with Julia – Plus 5 points for Bonnie; should have kicked her butt; minus 3 points for Bonnie
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 27
          - Bonnie serving undercooked Prawns – Minus 5 points for Bonnie
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 22
          - Bonnie running out of prawns; Minus 5 points for Bonnie
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 17
          - Bonnie running out of her signature dish; Minus 5 points for Bonnie
          = Rock 15 Bonnie 12
          - Both teams completed the Service; Draw – 5 points each
          = Rock 20 Bonnie 17
          Total Jfood score – Rock 20 vs. Bonnie 17

          As you can see the returned signature dish, pasta and prawns as well as running out of this dish cost Bonnie the Resto

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          1. re: jfood

            Bonnie can go back to flipping grilled cheese for her rich rugrats. Her inadequete prep work and returned dishes are reason enough to send her home.
            I think one must look at their performances over the entire show, not just the last one, to really see how much better qualified Rock is.
            That said, I'd never go to his "multimillion $" place in LV.
            Speaking of LV, why is it so ballyhooed as a food mecca? What local fresh highly prized ingredients come out of that region? How original, cutting edge, and brilliantly created is the food?

            1. re: Leonardo

              ...but I'll miss maitre d' John Phillip's phony French accent!

              1. re: Leonardo

                "What local fresh highly prized ingredients come out of that region?"

                Money, obviously.

                1. re: mlgb

                  Money doesn't buy class or good taste.

              2. re: jfood

                Even though jfood's writing style bugs the crap out of yumyum, this analysis is spot on.

              3. Given the potential, ongoing marketing candy they gave up by not picking Bonnie, I still have to go with Rock. He didn't win a chance to learn more, he won the keys to the castle. Bonnie chose an unecessary argument on a one time line. They will never work together again; so why not move on past the distracting, non-essential wrapping task... Rock has the creative chops necessary for the high profile sit down and Bonnie....well she does pasta.