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Aug 13, 2007 06:57 PM

Rocca Report

Haven't seen anything on Rocca in a while, so will report that I went there recently (not during RW) and it was really excellent. Was a party of 5... we tried a bunch of stuff... and I have to say everything was perfectly prepared and excellent. Timing was perfect too.

I went a couple of times not long after it opened and there were some highs and lows... as well as spotty service. I was happy to see that they seemed to have gotten things worked out both in the kitchen and the dining room... and this was on a night when it was crankin... super busy. Same nice, extremely fairly priced wine list.

Very pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Were there any dishes in particular that stood out to you? I am going tonight and would love your recommendations. I usually stick to the trofie with pesto which I love but wouldn't mind veering off my regular for a change.

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      I haven't been for over a month now. But if the grilled sardines with radishes and the lamb entree are on the menu still, they're outstanding. The whole fish is also very good, and surprisingly generous given the portion-size restraint that characterizes the rest of the menu.