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Aug 13, 2007 06:49 PM

Delivery in UCSD/La Jolla area

So it's Monday, I've just gotten home from a long day of work and school, and my fridge has got nothing in it but salad dressing and water. I am way too tired (plus I'm car-less) to walk/bus it to the nearest source of food, and (it's pretty sad) I'm half hoping that if I wish hard enough, food will appear on the table in front of me. So fellow chowhounders, do you have any recommendations for places that deliver (preferably for free)? Pizza I know is an obvious choice, but I'm also looking for Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean,etc. Something interesting, and relatively cheap (I am a college student after all).

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  1. the only ones I know are the mobile waiter series and dining to go?? I think its something like that.. but all have a hefty service charge and tip..I think even Dominos charges now.sorry!

    1. I saw a truck with a lighted sign on top magnetic signs on the sides from Nozomi (on Regent's Park Row)


      It was bothersome.