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Birthday Dinner... brain empty

Birthday dinner on a Friday night. 7:00 ish?

6 - 8 adults.

Want to stay reasonable... less than or = to $40 per head all in. Maybe some wine, maybe not. Depends on the place.

We've done up and downscale all over town. Pretty adventurous food bunch. Looking for something fun, unpretentious and comfortable.

Want to stay around: MidWilshire / WeHo / Hollywood / Beverly Hills / Fairfax


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  1. Have you tried Shamshiri on Westwood? Not pricey, great food.

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      Looked them up and it looks great. Will keep that suggestion for another day. Right now, because of the guest list, we're looking to stay around MidWilshire / WeHo / Hollywood / Beverly Hills / Fairfax.

      Thanks though!

    2. Luna Park?

      Luna Park
      672 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

      1. Opus might fit that price bracket (perhaps) and the joint is spacious enough that you should be able to get a large party seated this w/end.

        1. Read my note on Tropicalia Brazilian Grill. It was just fab! And, an extra treat, the owners have the wine bar next door and Farfella, Italian, if the Brazilian place doesn't interest you. Hillhurst and Franklin. Good Stuff, really.........

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            We liked this place too, although it's pretty casual. On Saturday there was a birthday group that took over the small patio in the parking lot, so they had some privacy. I saw them bringing out a whole chocolate cake to them.

          2. BLD on Beverly Blvd. (www.bldrestaurant.com) is unpretentious and lively but you pay for that in increased decibel levels. Mixed menu with an emphasis on American. Some nice wines by the glass if you're with non drinkers. Across the street is Buddha's Belly (www.bbfood.com), which has a nice Asian influenced menu. There is wine on the menu but I usually stick to sake. A treat is the filtered tap water so no wasted water bottles. And the place is consistent in serving really tasty dishes. But If all else fails do the Farmers Market. I suggest the Brazilian place, Pampas Grill, where you can pick whatever you want and the churrascuria is really good. Then hit EB's for a bottle of wine or pitcher of beer, take your plates to a table/s and have a blast. The weather is perfect for Farmers Market. And it's really reasonable. Hope one of these work out.

            1. a bit more but fogo de chao is a great place for meat eaters, it's all you can eat and it's good a very lovely salad bar - enough to satisfy one of our vegetarian friend! for dinner, i believe it's 42/pp so around 50 or so after tax and tips. no alcohol. the decor is whilst sleek, it's still comfy and as you say, unpretentious. service is friendly.

              1. Amici Trattoria

                For adventurous, Rahel or Meals by Genet; Los Balcones de Peru; Jitlada Thai or Sanam Luang Cafe; Mouns of Tunis; Coupa Cafe.

                Angeli Cafe



                1. I second Angeli Caffe.. Good for your size party. If you call ahead of time, you can try working out family style, or people can order individual dishes for under $40.

                  Also, I will of course recommend Ethipian at Rahel or messob. A few Combination paltters would easily feed 8 adults, and it is delicious and fun. Rahel has free BYOB. You eat with your hands. Fabulous flavors and spices, plus, if you ask when you order, you can get the coffee ceremony, where they roast it right there in front of you. Fresh roasted ethiopian coffe is not to be missed.

                  Lucky Devil's has good burgers, beer and fabulous shakes.

                  1. Thanks all... birthday not until the 24th, so anyone else want to chime in, please do!

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                      I second Luna Park. Fun & affordable. Good food, with something for everyone, creative cocktails (with cute little plastic animals hanging off the side of the glass -- you'll have a menagerie by night's end), wines by the glass, and share-friendly desserts like smores (chocolate fondue, marshmallow fondue & graham crackers). You can reserve by phone or on open table.

                      Cube has a private room in the back and is BYOB (on La Brea just south of Melrose). Could be easy to keep under $40 with the added cost of booze. www.divinepastaco.com -- click on Cube.

                      Cobras & Matadors (I prefer the one on Beverly Blvd & Gardner) is good for groups, provided you reserve in advance. Also BYOB. The tapas at Tasca are better, but that might run close to $50 per person. www.tascawinebar.com