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Aug 13, 2007 05:55 PM

Matsuhisa - Aspen

Has anyone tried Matsuhisa in Aspen? We are headed there next month and was wondering whether or not to try it. Thanks.

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  1. Haven't been there since I lived in Aspen years ago, but it used to be great. Takah Sushi was always my favorite. What a great time of year to be out there -- hope y'all have a great trip. There are probably some great bands playing at Belly Up, if you're into that kind of thing.

    1. Ate there a month ago... so very disappointing.
      I would never go again unless Matsuhisa was there himself. Expensive (even in Aspen) and such proof that restaurants who have a celebrity chef often suffer when he (or she) is never there.

      1. I've gone and really enjoyed it, but it was years ago, during the Food & Wine Classic. I wandered in off the street, not knowing where I was, and was seated at the sushi bar. I was amazed when I realized that it was Nobu Matsuhisa back there, putting together dishes for the VIPs. I put myself into the chef's hands (not Matsuhisa's) and had a wonderful meal with some, for the time, very surprising and unusual bits and pieces. The best was a raw oyster, wrapped in a huge ball of something like shredded filo dough and deep fried. It was served on a leaf of butter lettuce and I was instructed to wrap the fried ball in the lettuce leaf and pop the whole thing into my mouth at once. I did - soft, sweet lettuce, crunchy pastry shreds, and the oyster, still raw, in wasabi cream. OMG.

        1. Just went last month with several people, and we all truly enjoyed it. We had hot dishes, cold dishes, sushi, sake -- everything was very, very good.
          Favorites included the black miso cod (hot dish), the yellowtail, lobster tacos, rock shrimp tempura... The signature sakes are excellent too -- served in a large freezing cold bamboo caraffe, with little bamboo cups.

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            Hi i am from New York when they say expensive in aspen is it the same thing. how much was Matusuhisha when you went?

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              I've been to the Nobu in Miami, both in NYC, L.A. and most recently Aspen after Christmas. All of the prices are relatively the same across all of the restaurants. Nobu Aspen is no more expensive than the one in Miami or any of the others.