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Aug 13, 2007 05:19 PM

cheap wedding cake (doesn't have to be that good)


my brother just eloped without telling anyone and we want to surprise them with a small cheap wedding cake. it doesn't have to be fancy or really that good... this is more of a joke.

anyone have a suggestion of who could have me a little wedding cake by the end of the week??


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    1. Try a Mexican Market, or even a supermarket... I actually a pretty decent looking cake come out Gigante...


      1. I've seen reasonable facsmiles of wedding cakes at Albertson's when it was... don't know if they're still around your area. One thing for sure, it won't taste "that good!"

        1. if it's more of a joke, why don't you check out the 2nd day bakery outlets in your area and leave the stickers on.

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            ...and buy a bride/groom (or whatever combo) thingie to stick on top?

          2. Buy any random cake... go to a cake supplier and buy the two tackiest Bride and Groom statues you can find.

            Instant wedding cake.