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cheap wedding cake (doesn't have to be that good)


my brother just eloped without telling anyone and we want to surprise them with a small cheap wedding cake. it doesn't have to be fancy or really that good... this is more of a joke.

anyone have a suggestion of who could have me a little wedding cake by the end of the week??


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    1. Try a Mexican Market, or even a supermarket... I actually a pretty decent looking cake come out Gigante...


      1. I've seen reasonable facsmiles of wedding cakes at Albertson's when it was... don't know if they're still around your area. One thing for sure, it won't taste "that good!"

        1. if it's more of a joke, why don't you check out the 2nd day bakery outlets in your area and leave the stickers on.

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            ...and buy a bride/groom (or whatever combo) thingie to stick on top?

          2. Buy any random cake... go to a cake supplier and buy the two tackiest Bride and Groom statues you can find.

            Instant wedding cake.

            1. Ralphs. They can make any cake, even tiered all in white. And then buy a bride and groom at Michaels or JoAnns craft stores.

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                Make sure it's festooned with hideously colored rosettes and stuff! What fun!

                1. re: Sarah

                  and do not forget to leave the discounted price stickers on!

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                    Go to the Red Ribbon Cake shop in Hollywood for the UBE cake!!! it is cheap but it is FANTASTIC

              2. How about going to Porto's. They have great stuff! Cakes, fabulous fruit tarts for 20$ and tons of indiviuals - cakes, mousses and pastries. www.portosbakery.com

                1. I'm sure you will make a fabulous impression on your new sister in law.

                  Instead of making a big joke of thier nuptuals, how about getting a nice cake at Viktor Bene's in Gelson's? Or you could get a cupcake cake from Leda's bake shop. Or you can get a very pretty small pre-made cake from Susina?

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                    Diana, the Op would like C H E A P, your recs are off in price. Same as your WLA/Mid Cities. Lets keep this board on topic. Try Vons they typically will have a nice product for a very low price say 14.99 for a 1/4 sheet with small decorations and writing as you like..

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                      it would help to know where the OP lives!

                      Vons does do good cakes...as does albertson's. If the OP is near, try How's, as well.

                      My Cakes bakery in Van Nuys does really good inexpensive cakes.

                      Frankly, Viktor Bene's is not all that expensive, neither is Leda's.

                      I just feel sad that the OP thinks giving a cheap cake as a post wedding joke is funny.

                      Then again, I don't know his family. They may love it.

                      In fact, if the OP is going that way, I'd combine this with another thread.

                      Get some sno balls or twinkees or ho-hos and jam a plastic bride and groom from Micheal's on them.

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                        Nice, Hostess from the Host or Hostess!! Yep hard to read minds, huh..

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                      Bought at the hostess thrift shop! GENIUS!! :D


                    2. I went to my cousin's wedding shower on Sunday and they served a decent chocolate cake from Sam's Club.


                      1. If you want cheap but also good - I love Ruby Bakery's (in Eagle Rock) whipped cream & strawberry cake (they are known for this). They are pretty inexpensive compared to other bakeries - cash only. 1/2 sheet (whipped cream & strawberry (amongst others) - feeds 40-50) is $40; whole $78. 1/3 sheet $31; 1/4 sheet (feeds 20-22) $21.00.
                        They always have cakes in the refrigerator section that you can pick up or order your own in whatever color you want.

                        Ruby Bakery
                        5042 Eagle Rock Blvd. (just south of Colorado Blvd. on East side of street)
                        LA, CA 90041
                        (323) 259-9052
                        Open 7 days a week

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                          I would emphatically second the rec for the strawberry whipped cream cake from the Ruby Bakery. In addition to the rectangular sheet-sized cakes, they also have round layer cakes and tiered wedding cakes can be ordered. They have done several wedding and many other special occasion cakes for us over the past couple decades. Delicious and very inexpensive.

                        2. ooh, ooh, what's that cool chinese bakery in chinetown with the whipped cream cakes?? That would be good!

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                              yeah.. did someone already mention it.. I didn't hit "expand all" before I remembered I liked thier cakes.

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                                Nope, don't recall seeing it! ;-)

                          1. Thank you to all who responded. Due to sheer ease, I ordered a cake from Albertsons. It was PERFECT... and although I thought I wanted something hokey and ghetto, it was actually pretty decent, and it actually tasted VERY VERY good (as supermarket cakes go). Everyone was like, WOW this is so good. I got whipped cream frosting, white cake, and chocolate filling. The turn around was one day, and the cost was $30. The bride and groom I had to provide myself (you can get them at Michael's crafts, Gloria's cake decorating, etc). Here is a photo. The bride and groom are blocking the pretty-well-executed whipped cream roses.

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                              Yay for Albertson's bakery -- all that whipped cream for $30 -- I'm impressed. Were the bride and groom appropriately appreciative of your efforts and expenditure? Glad it all worked out!

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                                Sometimes the most expensive cakes are dry and tasteless and in turn the less pricey can be good. I have had good cakes from Vons as well and not tasty ones from Sweet Lady Jane-good for Albertsons for such a fair price for whipped cream and decorated for $30.00. Glad you were able to treat the newlyweds to a tasty cake.

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                                  That's great! Love the bride and groom too! I'm glad that it turned out to taste good too -- I was going to say that you may as well have a cake that tastes good! (I was going to recommend Ralphs -- same kinda thing as you got.) We eloped and did not have a wedding cake ....hmmm, i think you're on to something.

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                                    Not to turn this thread into a "supermarket cake spree," but Pavillion's makes this awesome Colossal Chocolate Cake (not the simple fudge squares) that's like six layers high with a lovely milkier chocolate filling between the layers and a darker chocolatey frosting on the top and sides of the cake. Quite divine really, but definitely not for the faint at heart sweet tooth.

                                    1. re: Emme

                                      whoah. i think you just helped me pick out my birthday cake. do i need to order it or do they just have it premade?

                                      1. re: adamgoodjunk

                                        at the pavillion's on vine and melrose, as well as the wilshire west of barrington location, they sell it by the slice, but you could ask them to sell you a full cake im sure! go in and taste a slice...

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                                          Next time stack/arrangeTwinkies into a matrimonial tower. Google Twinkie art and hopefully something will come up.

                                          Albertson's is probably cheaper than stacking Twinkies.

                                          Tangentially: maybe Twinkies are called Twinkies because they look like the severed limb of a Teddy Bear on the outside and Teddy Bears are sometimes named Winkie.

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                                    Go Albertson's!

                                    Great looking cheap cake, by the way!

                                  3. since youre going out of your way to get a cake, might as well taste good right? you can still get your laughs and eat cake without the tummy ache.

                                    i like the suggestions regarding Porto's in Glendale & Kings Hawaiian in Torrance makes YUMMY rainbow cakes for relatively cheap. order a simple style, sheet perhaps? then buy some fresh flowers: orchids, peonies, roses,etc. at the market (trader joe's is cheap...downtown LA) and give to the pastry chefs. Kings Hawaiian can customize without additional fees & keep your costs low. last options, costco, ralphs...

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                                      the cake was got, at Albertson's, and it was good.

                                    2. Oh, glad to hear the cake was good. I was going to suggest a twinky wedding cake. You can see a picture of it here: http://www.tackyliving.com/article.ph...