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Aug 13, 2007 04:43 PM

All the places I don't get to go because I'm working? (KC)

We're taking Labor Day week off and planning a vacation, but staying at home! So, I'm looking for places that maybe are only open for lunch and excel at it or places that are clear on the Missouri side that I can't get to in my wimpy hour-long lunch break! I am planning a donut-a-thon for the mornings- still searching for the best! I've got a few lunch places tentatively planned, but am definitely open to suggestions.

So far, I've got...

- Souperman (haven't been yet... can you believe it?!)
- Room 39 (haven't been here either... shocking!)
- 1924 Main (maybe; I never get to go here for lunch, and am always jealous of my hubby!)

So, whaddya got? Greasy spoons, smoky bars, fancy pants, etc.- please apply! :-)

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  1. My sister recently took me to Grandstand Burger in Shawnee. It is a little mom and pop joint with a very small counter seating area inside. There is additional seating outside. Go in, place your order and wait for them to call your name. I found the portions to be huge and, for me, it is the only burger I've found in KC that is even close to Westport Flea Market.

    Speaking of the Market, I would say that it is one of my favorite joints in KC. Awesome burgers! Awesome tenderloin sandwiches! If you go, expect to pay with cash as there is no credit card machine. The last time I went I noticed that they had some pretty cupcakes up at the counter, but I filled up on the burger and fries so I'll have to save room next time.

    I sound like a broken record, I know, but I have to recommend Webster House. Yummy good eats.

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    1. re: amy_rc

      Where is this Granstand Burger you speak so highly of? I'm a Shawnee native..

    2. I stayed at home for a vacation a few years ago and went to the MO state fair. I wished I had thought of your idea of going to all these lunch places-great idea!
      This would be my list so far of places in addition to yours that I'd like to try:

      1. Wheel Inn Drive in Sedalia. I think they are closing down after Labor Day. They are known for their hamburgers.
      2. Lil' Jake's Eat and Beat BBQ. I think they moved this month, not sure where new location is. Gotta eat at a place with a pig statue out front :)
      3. Cheesehead- grilled cheese sandwiches!
      4. Andre's. I work so close by but I never have time to go.
      5. Is the Bo Ling's in City Market open yet? I think they will serve dim sum 7 days a week, so I'd go on a non weekend day and monopolize all the carts. I hate crowded dim sum places.

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      1. re: vsoy

        The Bo Lings in the City Market is open. We went last week for some afternoon dim sum and drinks. We got vegetarian dumplings, chive dumplings and crispy eggplant. It was all good, but did not compare to the Plaza location on the weekends. I missed the hustle and bustle of the carts.
        The menu is sort of odd, with a few Vietnamese items and sushi! Our service was pretty bad, but it appeared to be close to or during a shift change. It was 3:30 in the afternoon and numerous tables hadn't been bussed from lunch. It looks like it was probably busy during lunch.

        1. re: vsoy

          The new Edwards BBQ is on SW Blvd, next to Ponaks. The old Padano Bros. location, if that means anything to you.

          1. re: vsoy

            Speaking of traveling a little ways, I'd also thought about the winery at Weston... hadn't several people had good things to say about it?

            1. re: Katie Nell

              Are you thinking of Pirtle Winery? You may have already gone by now, I go almost every year to get the Mellow Red. It's not like real wine though, it's sweet and tart and tastes exactly like a Concord grape. I could drink an ice cold bottle myself very easily. Some of the sparkling wines are very good. But most of the wines are really sweet, kind of like what you'd expect from a winery in the midwest. Not real sophisticted wines, but some pretty yummy ones.

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              I just thought of another place that might be kind of fun to drive out to. I saw a clip about it on PBS a few years ago and I think it's We-B Smokin BBQ in the Paola airport.
              Man, I need a local vacay!

              1. re: vsoy

                BBQ Shack in Paola is well worth the drive.

            3. Those all sound good. There's a BBQ place in DT KCK -- Jones BBQ -- that is supposed to be pretty good, but is only open for lunch during the week.

              How about lunch at Michael Smith? I like lunch at fancy pants places!

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              1. re: heatherkay

                I just talked to someone who ate at Michael Smith for lunch last week. She said it was wonderful! Under $15, very good service and food. Lunch is only Tuesday - Fridays until 2 pm.

              2. We took a hometown vacation last October and it was delightful!

                My current top 3 favorite places to go for lunch are (in no particular order):

                - Teocali at 2512 Holmes - Love their Tacos Puerta Vallarta & Salsa
                - 1924 (I know I don't have to tell you where that is!)
                - The Brick at 1727 Mcgee - Definitely falls under the smoky, divey, kinda dirty category - but I love their Meatloaf sandwich - ask for it with jalapenos.

                Top of the list for where I want to go next:
                - Michael Smith's
                - Jerry's Woodwether Cafe down in the West Bottoms

                Have fun!

                1. The only place we were able to get to was Souperman due to Labor Day and having to go to Wichita for a funeral. I was severely disappointed... my sandito was awful: bland, soggy tomatoes, and unbelievably soggy lettuce. My corn chowder was just okay... pretty bland also with just a hit of hot pepper every once in a while so bad I'm almost choked a couple of times! Chris's sandito and soup were better, but I was still sad. Oh, Rob, why did you have to fail me so?! I guess I'll stick to 1924 Main... I'm depressed... :-(

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                    1. re: amy_rc

                      I had a Soupersoso experience at Souperman today. I ordered a bbq beef sandito with bleu cheese and caramelized onions and smoked tomato soup with cheddar. The sandito was the best part of the meal. It was amazingly good!

                      The soup was lackluster. Mine tasted like tomato sauce, straight from a can, with some cheddar cheese thrown in. I couldn’t finish it. My companion had the corn chowder. It was just “fine”. No better, no worse. It wasn’t rich enough for me. My friend didn’t finish her soup, either.

                      I would go back for another sandito, but, ironically, I might pass on the soup altogether.

                    2. re: Katie Nell

                      I'm actually glad to hear that, kind of, as my Souperman experience had made me wary of 1924 Main. Still next on our list of nicer places to go, but now with somewhat less trepidation. I didn't have as bad a meal at Souperman as you, though. I posted on LTH in March: