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Aug 13, 2007 04:40 PM

Farmers/Saturday Markets

IMO - nothing beats strolling thru a farmers market or a Saturday market with a cuppa, checking out all the great eats. Any ideas on places like this in the greater Seattle area? Thanks!

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  1. Are you asking for a list of Seattle farmer's markets, or are you looking for coffee and food stall recommendations at/near each market?

    1. I really enjoy the Ballard farmers market on Sundays. Open all year round, but is much larger in the summer.

      This website lists all the farmers markets in puget sound:

      1. Saturday - U district is the king, stop at Sureshot Espresso and get a nice white coffee (It's dessert in a cup and more caffeine than regular coffee!)

        Sunday - Ballard or West Seattle are both great. Ballard is a mix of the farmer's market and art stuff, while West Seattle is almost exclusively foodstuffs.

        1. There are a ton of them. It appears they carefully avoid speaking of each other, revealing that they, like vendors in so many nascent industries, are suffering a common shortsightedness. Amateurs get real nervous when they start a new business, afraid that their competitors or potential competitors will take advantage of them and steal their concept, and eventually (shudder in fear) steal their business. Professionals understand that the real challenge is growing an awareness among potential customers that there is an opportunity for a particularly special novelty in the local market. Starbuck's knew this. Or maybe they didn't, but they surely have learned, as there now are a global zillion Starbuck's. Though they would probably be happier if there were no Tully's, or Peet's, or Seattle's Best, or Cherry Street, they are getting plenty of busiiness and all the commotion has created an awareness, a buzz, that serves everybody in the market. Meanwhile, the competition serves us all, consumer and producer alike.

          in the immortal words of my late good friend, Jeannine Curry, "Don't worry, there is plenty of cheese for all the rats." By this, she meant no castigation, I'm certain, but her excellent point has served me often, since.

          The good folks at

          are doing a very fine thing, trying to grow a market and market awareness for local produce,
          as are the other good folks at
          but the one makes no mention of the other and calls into question what others might locally exist, unmentioned...

          Dudes, wake up. We are trying to grow a market. Awareness is GOOD for us all. There is, indeed, plenty of cheese for all the rats. You cannot hide these good things from us crafty and resourceful Homo sapiens, in any event, so wake up. That is your own opportunity you are trying so hard to bury.

          1. Edmonds has a great Saturday Morning Farmer's Market and it's a really cute little town. They have a great Wine Bar and Bistro and a terrific Cafe called Chanterelle's that has killer Tomato Soup. It's about 20 min North of Seattle.