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Aug 13, 2007 04:34 PM

Fort Collins- Pickup & Easy Dinners

Hello, I will be staying in Fort Collins for a week durning business meetings and am in search of restaurants to pickup or grab some good food by myself. I love Italian, gourmet sandwiches, mexican, seafood and of course, a good burger here and there. Breakfast picks would also be great.

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  1. The best places for breakfast are Luciles and The Egg and I. Mexican: Los Tarascos. Seafood: Fish, although it is pricey and not great atmosphere. Best burger is at Austin's. Even better burger if you drive north to Wellington and go to Beauregards.

    1. eileeninfc's advice is spot on IMO. other thoughts too: breakast- there's a diner-style joint northside called Silver Grill that's a good spot for eggs and a newspaper. Good but too-large cinnamon (sp?) rolls. Not sure where you're coming from but Whole Foods chain has an outpost in FC and it's a great spot to pick up prepared-food-to-go. Pulcinella's pizza is as good as you'll find ANYWHERE if you go for the Neopolitan-style.

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        I've never been to either McCoy's or the Cafe Bluebird (bkfst) but friends/acquaintances there recommend them. Others say they like the Columbine Cafe, Choice City (downtown) has/had good bkfts and also deli-style lunches with good ingredients. North of town (and maybe too far for a biz trip) is Vern's Place, which has been dishing up burgers forever, As with many institutions, its name may outstrip the quality of the food.

      2. Here are some of my favorites:

        La Luz and Los Comales- Mexican
        Yum Yums- Middle Eastern
        Rasta Pasta- Pasta with a Caribbean twist
        Avogadro's Number