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Romantic Place in LA?

I had been to a lot of places... Little door, Inn of the Seventh Ray, Yamashiro Restaurant...and many others!

Can someone give me something speical for my gf's bday in two weeks?



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  1. It's not quite LA (north Malibu, south Zuma beach to be exact) but you may want to consider the Sunset Retaurant. It's tucked away right off of PCH and the sunsets are gorgeous with a perfect opporunity to walk the beach before dinner with the beach being literally 20 feet away. Here's the web site... http://www.thesunsetrestaurant.com. You can also try Chaya Brasserie in either Beverly Hills or Venice Beach. Another place (although it may be too crowded at times but you can request a table on the back patio where it's more quiet) is Primitivo Wine Bistro in Venice.

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      wow.. the sunset restaurant looks amazing! thanks man!

    2. Via Veneto or Josie, both in Santa Monica.

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        Love Via Veneto and the below listed Pane e Vino is a nice patio (but not a must-do for me... love for family events).

        Il CIELO is another is quite romantic, as is the experience at HOTEL BEL AIR, or a unique dinner at THE RESTAURANT AT THE GETTY (inherent romance in the view).

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          Pan e Vino does have a nice patio but unbelievably average food. Luques has a very nice patio and a cozy interior and fantastic food. I think the outside is a little mellower than the inside. There is also One Pico in Santa Monica. great view and lovely atmosphere. In the summer they open the windows that open onto the beach...the only problem is that the food is good but not exciting. This is tough question for Los Angeles. There are some great spots but with really alluring atmosphere but unfortunately that atmosphere goes hand and hand with trendy in this town. My idea of romance is automatically ruined if Lindsay Lohan shows up.....

        2. Providence is exquisite. Very pricey. But very special.

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            agreed. Providence is quite beautiful.

          2. I think the Hotel Belair is one of the most romantic settings in town, particularly now with the warm weather so you can sit outside. In my judgment, the food is not great, but it's good enough.

            Hotel Bel-Air
            701 Stone Canyon Road, Los Angeles, CA 90077

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              Agreed... it is a beautiful setting. Definitely a place to experience.

            2. If you're willing to do Malibu, Geoffrey's is wonderful. Great place to be at sunset -- ask for a table with a view. http://www.geoffreysmalibu.com/

              If you want not too expensive and fun, Tasca www.tascawinebar.com and Lou are both affordable with a have the cozy/hip/low-light atmosphere down.

              If you're willing to pay more, Hatfield's, All' Angelo, Cielo (cheesy, but people seem to love it), La Cachette and Josie are all great.

              1. modest thought. dinner at cafe pinot can be romantic as all get-out provided you work out details ahead of time. there are a few tables outdoors in the shadow of the library that are absolutely stunning as the sun goes down. insist on them.

                1. What about West at Hotel Angeleno at 405 & sunset

                  The views are amazing.

                  1. Il Cielo on Burton Way is very romantic and they have a ravioli (mushroom I think? anyone know?) that is absolutely lovely.

                    1. My girlfriend and I celebrated an anniversary at Geoffrey's in Malibu. Absolutely beautiful setting, good menu, great service. Dark and very romantic outside.

                      Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas is a very unique and romantic setting if you're not too turned off by animal heads on the walls.

                      1. chez mimi in santa monica. very romantic.

                        1. La Cachette- Amazing french food and wine is always a romantic combination, great service as well.
                          Hotel Bel Air- Beautiful grounds surrounding, great food and a very romantic ambiance, overall.
                          --Also these are two of the few restaurants I feel you can get dressed up for in LA, I feel like this adds a "special" element to the evening...

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                            thank everyone! we ended up going to Hotel Bel Air! it's on everyone's must go list, so we went.

                            my gf loves it! thanks again!