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Aug 13, 2007 04:27 PM

Lynnwood Recs

I'll be in Seattle - Lynnwood/Alderwood Mall area really - for a few days and realized that my experiences lately have been limited to downtown and airport area. So now that I realize I'll be in the north end, I'm at a loss for restaurant ideas. I'd love some recommendations for the "can't miss this place", the best italian and/or greek, and the best Thai. Thanks!

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  1. The chains are well represented in the area. Informal 'ethnic' selections are pretty good, but few fancy places come to mind.

    There are a number of Thai places, not in the Alderwood area, but more around 196th and 44th, and also along 99. 99 closer to the county border (Edmonds) has a strong Asian representation, such as the 99 Ranch grocery, and lots of Korean.

    I can think of a couple of informal greek places, one that bills itself as Chicago style greek, on 196th near the AP Barbaras, and Cafe Neo on hwy 99 (about at 212th).


    1. Edmonds has some good restaurants. A really great Wine Bistro and Chanterelle's which is more casual, but has killer Tomato Bisque.

      1. I second AP Barbaras on 196 and Cafe Neo- also the L&L Hawaiian BBQ on 99 and 196 in the safeway strip mall for something different. Than Brothers Pho is on 99 right before 220thish area by ranch 99 market- you can't beat their pho! The thai place in downtown edmonds is delicious and has nice ambience- it is right by the main turn around. If you are there over a saturday go to the Farmers market and enjoy a delicious crepe- purchase fresh pita- and grab some flowers or produce. Here is a link on Edmonds you might find helpful for Lynnwood is mostly chains-

        1. Just a quick report back on my travel. The hotel I stayed at didn't have much around it so the recommendations were just great. The front desk staff seconded the Kafe Neo rec and gave me great directions. I had Kasseri flamed in ouzo served with warm pita, then the soup. Followed it with the Kafe Neo Combo - spanikopita, patistio, moussaka. Way too much food but definately got to sample everything.

          I went to the farmers market in Edmonds and loved it - and of course I had to have a crepe. The line can be long to order but it definately worth the wait.

          This appears to be the first of other trips so I will be saving the rest of the recs for my next one. Thanks all!