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Aug 13, 2007 04:05 PM

Where to eat in Mill Valley?

I'll be in Mill Valley this weekend for the Summer of Love :) I found only 2 year old posts. Any updates for a quick lunch? I'll be near Blithesdale and Throckmorton. Purple haze!

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  1. I just love Small Shed Flatbreads on Madrona downtown, next to the Punjabi Burrito place which is good too.

    1. On Sunnyside/E Blithedale there's Toast, a diner-type eatery -- crowded at lunchtime. And of course, Pearl's burgers on E Blithedale!

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      1. re: Sarah

        Two years after your previous response, I followed your directions to Toast. I had a very fresh Cobb Salad with lots of smoked turkey, generous crumbles of piquant blue cheese, non enough bacon, pears (bosc?), red grapes and a pile of greens. Very refreshing on a hot summer's day. I also had a root beer float, which was served to me in a parfait glass with a water glass of extra root beer on the side. Still hungry, I tried the home fries which were on the mushy side.

        Toast was crowded and noisy, although my seat at the end of the counter got a breeze from the front door. The food was good enough to return, but I couldn't help but notice that Pearl's Phat Burgers had a Cobb on their menu and was less crowded and possibly a better value. I'll think I'll try them when I return in a couple of weeks. Something's not right when I spend more at Toast than at Village Music.

        1. re: chocolatetartguy

          You better hurry w/ Village Music. The farewell party is this weekend (8/25 - 3-6PM)) at 142 Throckmorton. Tyler Florence (FoodTV) is doing the food. $100/pp.

          Yes, please let us know how the Cobb at Pearl's compares! It's a rare day that people aren't spilling out the door at Pearl's.

          1. re: Sarah

            Is TF the guy who is playing with Chili's menu? No more cable, now that I have a mortgage to pay.

            John Goddard of Village sent me to Toast. At 1:30 Saturday it was packed, Pearl's barely half so. The specials at Toast were mostly the kind of brunch dishes that I might dream up in my own kitchen . I imagine they might be good, but nothing thrilled me except for the "upscale" Pigs in a Blanket (sausage linkes wrapped in pancakes). On my way back to Village, there were only a few people in Pearl's.

            Do you know who is playing at the farewell party? I overheard Goddard say he didn't know what was planned. I'll bet there'll be some Summer of Love band musicians and well worth the C-note.

            1. re: chocolatetartguy

              TF's the Appleby's guy -- he's now a resident of MV, so it must have been a $$$l-paying gig! Heard there will be an "after" party at the Sweetwater (which also needs a farewell party). Then there's another VM thing at the Great Amer Music Hall in early Sep. Bet the usual suspects w/b in attendance at one or more of the venues...

          2. re: chocolatetartguy

            I had a Cobb salad at Pearl's a couple of years ago and decided then that their forte was burgers, not salads. I don't remember specifics but I sure wouldn't order it again.

        2. Caveat: I haven't eaten there in years(actually I'm not sure if it's still there), but Pizza DeAngelo used to be pretty good. It never was something I'd go out of the way for, but as a San Franciscan in Mill Valley, I used to enjoy it (late 90's). If it's still there, it's probably half decent or it would go belly up, Marinites don't tend to frequent bad places (mediocre but not bad).

          It's spitting distance from Blithesdale [sic] and Throckmorton.

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          1. re: hankstramm

            D'Angelo was a favorite place of mine for a long time, then the food got pretty poor. I went back about a year and a half ago and it was much better, as good as ever and probably better. I've been a few times since and it's back on my favorite places list. Not everything there hits a home run, but most things are quite good and I love the atmosphere.

          2. I like Joe's Taco Lounge. Get the popcorn shrimp as an appetizer.

            1. Ora serves up excellent asian fusion. You'll definitely want to try out their cod dish.