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Aug 13, 2007 03:58 PM

Pancakes and baseball?

My wife and I will be in Toronto next week and we both appreciate breakfasts that knock our socks off. We call the San Francisco area home. We'll be staying downtown (at the Sheraton Centre) but we'll have a car and are also fine taking public transit while in search of that amazing stack of pancakes or omelet that will kepp us talking about it for a few hours.

Also - We'll be going to the Oakland-Blue Jays games at Rogers Centre, are there any hidden food treats at the ballpark that we should know about?

Thanks -

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  1. No, there are no hidden food treats at the Rogers Centre. Eat and drink beforehand and smuggle something decent down the front of your pants (food and drinkwise). The Rogers Centre is overpriced and the food is terrible. A beer costs $11.
    Search this board under breakfast and brunch and you'll find some gems downtown and/or near downtown.

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    1. re: thenurse

      Actually, only the large beers are 11 dollars. The regular sized ones are 6.25.

      1. re: paper_bag_princess

        And $6.25 is $1.25 less than in Oakland for a small beer - so it'll seem cheap. Thanks.

      2. re: thenurse

        You needn't bother wedging food and drinks down your underpants since you can bring pop or water (in plastic bottles) and snacks in with you--the only way to assure yummy munchies with your cold beer. Check the Rogers Centre site for info.

        1. re: anniemal

          This is correct, however any bottles must be sealed to prevent people from sneaking in their own alcohol.

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            Thanks for all of your help. My wifre really wants a hot dog and beer one night, so we'll do that. But for the other two games I am on my own, so I may very well just bring my own food in (like I do in Oakland much of the time).

      3. If you're around on a Saturday I would check out the St. Lawrence Market over at Front and Jarvis (about a 15 minute walk). It's not a typical sit down but they have wonderful back bacon on a bun sandwiches and lots of other things. You would enjoy all the different fresh produce. They are open during the week but Saturday is THE DAY. There really is nothing at the Rogers Centre. The food is at best mediocre and terribly overpriced. Most people just pick up a hot dog outside the stadium. Lakeside Eats down on Queen's Quay by the lake is not bad and there are some decent places on King St. Can't think of any great breakfast places in the area. Is Marche in BCE Place at the foot of Bay St. still around?

        1. Don't know if the restos mentioned here will have items to keep you talking for a few hours but there was a recent discussion of good breakfast places in TO that you might find interesting...

          1. Coras on blue jays way is a pretty good breakfast spot that is very close to the Rogers Centre. Try it out.

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              Others may disagree but I think the pancakes at Fran's are some of the best in the city. Plus they have a variety of syurps for those of us that dislike maple.

            2. Don't know what day the game is but if Sunday brunch is what you are looking for then Thuet is not a bad idea. The brunches are amazing, large portions of fantastic cooking. It is on King west, an easy streetcar ride away from the Sheraton.