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Aug 13, 2007 03:49 PM

My dilemma-large group with kids?

Well, I am stuck asking a question I had hoped to never have to ask this board. I have family coming in this weekend and I need to find a restaurant that would accomodate a group of 8-10. The group is made up of several teenagers and some young adults as well as my wife and I. The location is not as important as finding a place that can sit us for this weekend. The kids can be a little fussy eaters so I would lean towards Italian, American standard comfort food or barbeque, nothing too unusual for them. I thought of Carmines and Otto but would prefer options. Any recommendations for both dinner and brunch? We will be traveling around so I can work around location. All feedback is appreciated! Thanks

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  1. Virgil's in Times Square for bbq. There's better 'cue to be had in the city, but they're still quite tasty and can almost certainly accommodate your group.

    1. For a more causal dinner option, you can go to Hill Country for ribs and beef briskets (unless the family is from the South...) If you want something slightly more upscale but still casual and teen-friendly, Landmarc has some standard bistro fare (steaks, pasta, sandwiches, chicken, you name it), and the wine is cheap enough for the young adults. The Landmarc at Time Warner Center is huge so it will definitely fit your group. It is great for both dinner and brunch!

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        Does the Landmarc at Time Warner accept credit cards and reservations or is it like the Tribeca location?

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          Acc. to the info on Menupages, Landmarc at the TWC accepts reservations for groups of 6 or more.

          Also in the TWC is Porter House, which serves the kind of food you are looking for (American) and has something on the menu to please everyone.

          For bbq, I think Hill Country is far superior to Virgil's and Blue Smoke. The food's delicious, it's fun for a large group, and there is live music. When it's busy, tables are assigned. However, service is cafeteria-style, i.e., you get a ticket and line up to get your food.

          For Italian, Trattoria Trecolori, on 47th St., b/t B'way & 8th, is a favorite of mine and many other Hounds. Very tasty homestyle Italian food. The pastas are especially good, and the tiramius is seriously delicious! Friendly, efficient service. Large space with attractive decor. They can easily handle a group your size, and getting reservations this weekend should not be a problem.

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            Thanks RGR. I have been to Porter House and did not care for it enough to return. I have not been to Trattoria Trecolori before but it sounds interesting. I have been to Landmarc downtown several times but I forgot they opened at TWC.

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              Second the Tecolori rec. Also, a lot of RGR's lower east side tour would be suitable for a younger group. Which reminds me, RGR, have you ever considered creating a website devoted to your tour so we can just link to that for requests like this? Just a thought...

        2. How about The Odeon? Or Dinosaur?