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Aug 13, 2007 03:16 PM

Where To Buy Zucchini Blossoms

Looking for source/store in DC or MD. Thanks.

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  1. I am Squash blossom obsessed...
    I have only been able to find them at the Farmer's Market. I go to the Dupont Circle one on Sundays and there is ONE vendor who carries them. I forget the name of the stand, but it's on the lower arm of the market on the blacktop. Same side as the Blue Ridge Dairy people, opposite side from the yarn/garlic ladies. You have to look with a detailed eye... They pack them six to a bag. All spaced out evenly in a thick, flat, square, clear plastic bag that is open on one end.

    I've also gotten them at the Mt. Pleasant farmer's market (Mt. Pleasant Rd and and Lamont St.) Smaller market, same clear bag....

    Have fun!

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      Several farmers bring them to the Courthouse market on Saturdays, depending on the season. I have had them from Westmoreland, Laurel Grove, the lady who brings living heads of lettuce near Blue Ridge Dairy and the Master Gardeners' tent, and the vendor that sels mesclun measured out in steel bowels.

      1. re: bacchante

        Are "steel bowels" anything like "cast iron stomachs?" ;-)

    2. they have them at the bloomingdale farmer's market in DC at 1st & R St NW on sundays 10-2