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Aug 13, 2007 03:16 PM

Best Bar-B-Que in Kansas City

Chicago chowhound visiting K.C. next week for 2 days and looking for best BBQ spot in town. I will have a car so am not limited by location. Haven't been to KC in 5 years and remembered Arthur Bryant's served some tasty Bar-B-Que. Are there better choices?

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  1. This topic gets rehashed about 4 times a year. A search for KC BBQ will yield you a ton of info. That said, I was just there last weekend. I passed up LC's to try a competitor. I shouldn't have.
    LC's burnt ends are not only the best Q I've had, it is some of the best food I've ever had.
    Lots of Q in KC I haven't tried though.

    1. I am a die-hard loyalist to Arthur Bryant's on Brooklyn, and think it is the absolute best in the city. But! If you've already had it and would like to try something new, my sister's husband and I always fight over what's better - Bryant's or Oklahoma Joe's. He insists on OK Joe's, and their fries *are* actually phenomenal. It's very tasty, but IMO not as good as Bryant's.

      Another place that's always ranked high (though I disagree) is Fiorella Jack Stack's BBQ in teh Crossroads. It's what I call fancy bbq. It's in a nice place, and has a very... corporate feel about it. I call it bbq with no soul, but every critic and their mom always lists it as one of, if not the, bests in the city.

      Have fun in KC! My heart still resides there.

      Oklahoma Joe's BBQ & Catering
      3002 W 47th Ave, Kansas City, KS 66103

      Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbeque
      101 W 22nd St Ste 300, Kansas City, MO 64108

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      1. re: reubensandperrier

        I can't taste soul but the burnt ends at Jack Stack's were phenomenal. I would have included Bryants but the neighborhood makes me more cautious. I also prefer a real restaurant ambiance than the "rustic" feel of Bryant's. But that has not always kept me away from a casual "Q" spot especially on my way south for my winter escape from lovley NE winters.

        1. re: feelinpeckish

          There's really no need to feel scared when going to Bryant's on Brooklyn. I've been countless times and have never had a problem, even going after sundown or late, there's usually a cop sitting out front (ok, that might scare people) to make sure everything's cool, since most of the people who eat at Bryant's aren't from the Paseo area.

          And I totally agree that Jack Stack's food is great, but when I want que, I want to *feel* the que. Hahaha... it's like culinary tai chi!

          1. re: reubensandperrier

            I agree. Looks scary, but it's not. And the burnt ends are the best I've ever had.

              1. re: Bobfrmia

                Had lunch at LC's today and I was blown away. Tried the BBQ Beef Sandwich and Burnt Ends and thought they were both delicious. Onion rings were also outstanding, and the service was very friendly. When I visit KC next month, this is a can't miss return visit.

                Spent $110 last night at Plaza III Steakhouse in Country Club Plaza, spent $19 at LC's today and enjoyed the food more.

                1. re: mookiejg

                  Never had, saw, or heard anything about the onion rings. Outstanding onion rings, along with the outstanding BBQ, might just cause sensory overload.
                  I gotta get back down there.

          2. re: feelinpeckish

            The area has undergone a renaissance with the opening on the Negro League Base Ball and The American Jazz Museum immediately down the street.

            Having said that, my last couple visits to Bryant's have been pretty disappointing as the rib tips were dried out which was surprising as it was early in the day.

            Personally, I would go to the Fioorelli's Jack Stack in Martin City, MO,