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Aug 13, 2007 02:44 PM

Dinner by the Curran Theater?

We're off to see a Sunday matinee of Jersey Boys soon and wanted a recommendation for a great early (5:00pm) Dinner. We have already tried Michael Mina, Grand Cafe and Le Colonial. Any advice?

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  1. We have the same dilemma for tomorrow night's 8 pm show. When you say you "have tried Micheal Mina, Grand Cafe and Le Colonial, do you mean you couldn't get in, or that you have eaten there before? If you have eaten there, would you rec them to us?

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      My favorite spot near the Curran is Anjou on Campton Place. A 6 pm reservation would give you plenty of time to make the show.

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        We have eaten at all of them and Michael Mina is DIVINE. Worthy of a special night out. Wonderful service, lovely decor and phenomonal food. The Grand Cafe is very good also. Much cheaper, but still very good. Depends on how special of a dining experience you want. Michael Mina is top, top notch. Grand Cafe is more relaxed, but well worth the visit.

      2. When we saw The Jersey Boys, we walked over to The Boulevard. Nancy rocks! You can walk in and eat at the bar first come first serve if you can't get rezzies. We have reservations after an Avenue Q show on the 25th, but if the bar is open we like to sit there and watch. It's pretty amazing to see the effort going into each plate that goes out.

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          Walking to Boulevard seems far. Are you talking about Boulevard by the Embarcadero? Another place I typically recommend for theater dining is Farmer Brown, which is south of the Curran. They're on Mason, and here's the site (the link service doesn't seem to be working:)

        2. Farallon, Postrio, Scala's, Kuleto's,

          1. It's interesting that nobody has mentioned Cortez yet - it's almost right across the street, and I've found their small-plates approach works really well at 5pm if you're not completely ready for a giant meal at that time. You can also go after-hours for a great time in their swank bar.