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Aug 13, 2007 02:35 PM

Need help finding a specific Chinese Dish

My best friend lived in Vancouver for 10 years, and having moved back to Toronto, there is one Chinese dish that we can't seem to located.

It is from Hon's Wun-Tun House, on Robson

The name of the dish is Fried Rice Noodles with Prawn and Egg Sauce.

Do any Chowhounds know where to locate such a dish here in the GTA?

I am not familiar with the different types of Chinese restaurants in Vancouver, but I am wondering if this style of food is specific to Vancouver?

With all the new Chinese restaurants opening up each month in the Richmond Hill - Markham - Scarborough area, I hoped maybe there is a place that serves this dish!

Maybe the Chinese experts would be able to tell from the menu the type of Chinese food Hon's serves and perhaps point me in the right direction?

And if we are being sent to a place with no English menus and English speaking staff - could you give me the name in Chinese phonetically? Thanks!

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  1. Phonetically - Waht dahn ha yun chow haw. Though you should really be fine with the English version here. This is prolly just a slightly more obscure Cantonese dish.

    Where, "waht dahn" refers to the egg, or silky egg, as it were... if I were to use the tones as a rough musical scale,
    waht = E, dahn = G

    "ha yun" is the prawn... ha = A, yun = lower C

    "chow haw" is rice noodles... chow = G, haw = G

    lol..that is just my approximation. the "ha" is a noticeably higher pitch than the rest.

    Someone else should be able to tell you where to find it.

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    1. re: Chester Eleganté

      To be more precise, I should say "tsao" instead of "chow", and the vowel in "haw" is pretty tough..i guess it's something between a short a and a short o sound.

      Fried Rice Noodles with Prawn and Egg Sauce -- Waht Dahn Ha Yun Tsao Haw

      Also, Congee Queen @ Leslie and Steeles is a better version of Congee Wong.

      1. re: Chester Eleganté

        Went to Congee Queen for the first time a couple weeks ago (actually it's closer to Don Mills and Steeles, just by that mall), and it was pretty good. I was also told that their BBQ meats is also quite good.

    2. This sounds like 滑蛋蝦仁炒河 - Congee Wong has it - E23

      However it's made with "shrimp" meaning small ones. You can ask if they can use prawns "big shrimp" , in which case it would be called 滑蛋蝦球炒河

      1. These responses are soooo cool.

        THIS is what Chowhound is about.

        Anyone can find an overpriced psudo-French fusion joint in any tourist book.

        1. Thanks so much for the Chinese lesson Chester!

          And Teep! That was not only fast, but sending a link to the menu - that is SO appreciated! Thanks so very much.

          Funny thing is I have been to Congee Wong on Hwy 7 a few times with my mom's friends from work who speak Chinese, and they always order for us so I never really looked at the menu. I was glad they did because I never would have thought I would like Fried Chilli Turnip Patties... but I love that dish!

          Thanks so much, I will plan a trip with my friend and see if Congee Wong can make it like Hon's in Vancouver and I will report back!

          Just like DBooth said - THIS is what makes Chowhound such a cool place!

          1. This is actually a very common dish. Most Cantonese restaurants I've been too have it. That includes: the Sam's Congee on yonge, Golden Seven on warden and Sheppard (tacky but cheap), Golden Court, Ambassador, Dragon Dynasty, Congee Wong, Congee Queen....basically anywhere that serves dim sum and any congee noodle restaurant that does kitchen dishes.

            There are a few variations/special request of this dish that is common. Some people get it with beef instead of shrimp because it's cheaper, or allergies, or they like corn starch marinated beef. Another variation is to ask for no green onions. And my personal request is to "Dow Loun", which means tossed together. Or else the noodles are stir fried by themselves and the egg sauce is put on top. Think whether you like your Spaghetti served tossed with tomato sauce to decide if you would prefer it this way.

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            1. re: eco987

              Talking/reading about this gave me a craving for this dish. I'll go to Roys Garden to get some shrimp in egg sauce on rice this afternoon! (fried rice noodles can be quite greasy, steamed rice is healthier.)

              1. re: Teep

                Is Roy's Garden your favourite place to get this dish Teep?

                1. re: LovelyAsia

                  No, it's just downstairs from where I work. It's the only place at Yonge/Bloor that serves authentic Cantonese food, but it's a take-out and quality is just so-so.