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Aug 13, 2007 02:06 PM

Venice Beach with a 13 year old

Any suggestions of a fun place to go near Venice Beach for brunch where a 13 year-old might have fun too and the food doesn't stink? 26 Beach, C&O and The Cheesecake Factory are not options. We plan on visiting the boardwalk after the brunch but I've heard that the restaurants sort of stink.

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  1. I wish you would be more specific as to why the places you mentioned above (26 Beach / C&O) are out of the question. I think they are decent recommendations when adding in the 13 year old kid "fun" factor. I think you might be better off looking into Santa Monica (Shutters on the Beach, etc) as Venice Beach is limited. Just a suggestion.

    The following places are good quality, non-chain places that offer brunch. Abbot Kinney is "hip" and you guys can go for Pinkberry afterwards:
    1. Joe's Abbot Kinney - tastes great and is perfect for adults. Possibly a mature 13 year old.
    2. Axe
    3. Lilly's - they offer brunch on Sundays.

    Personally I'd take them to CHACHACHA to eat some cheap tasty Caribbean food & order their delicious fruit juices, then go for a walk and check out the crazy locals. Venice Beach is definitely eye opener for any 13 year old.

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      Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
      The reason I've nixed 26 Beach and C&O is simply because one of the two people visiting have already been there and I was looking for something different.

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        If it's not too late how about The Galley on Main Street? Kind of kitchy and the food isn't bad and not too pricy. Just north of Ocean Park Blvd.

        Addendum: link to menupages for The Galley

    2. Also on Abbot Kinney is one of my favorite tea places: Jin Patisserie. It's kind of pricey but the cakes are delectable.

      1. My suggestions: 3 Square on Abbot Kinney or Figtree Cafe right on the boardwalk.

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          Just came from Fig Tree Cafe on Ocean Front Walk and would second this pick. It is decent enough food, with a sop towards healthy/organic ingredients and local producers, without being too 'weird' for kids. Eggs, sandwiches, salads, etc. Fig Tree also has excellent people watching.

          1. re: igj

            Third Figtree's.

            Also, I like the Firehouse and Rose Cafe, in addition to the aforementioned Lilly's. James' Beach is also nice, but if you're outting 26 Beach, perhaps this won't fly either.

          2. re: mollyomormon

            3 Square is nice. What about Mani's? It's a minute or so north in Santa Monica, but can be good.

            What day are you going? There might be a fun farmer's market happening with some good food booths.

          3. Brickhouse Kitchen, Rose Cafe and Meditirina would all be good picks. I second Mollyo's rec for 3 Square too.

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              What about the Whaler on Washington and the Boardwalk? You can sit on the upstairs patio overlooking the Boardwalk. Kid friendly menu and the food is decent.

              1. re: handlertaper

                If the OP nixed 26 Beach and C&O's, then I can't imagine what she would think of the food at the Whaler. It's okay to soak up a bunch of alcohol, but it's not good.

            2. benice has good breakfast. Abbot's Pizza has the best pizza EVER.