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Aug 13, 2007 01:37 PM

2006 Bordeaux Rose -- Help with food pairing

I'm inviting a new beau over for dinner and want to drink this bottle of the above with whatever I make since I've been craving rose'. What would be good food pairings for this date on my porch? Neither of us is big on red meat. I'm sort of thinking fish, but need suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Grilled fish with aioli or tarragon mayonnaise.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      This sounds wonderful. Do you have a recipe for aioli that you like? (I have several, but am curious what you'd do.) Same goes for fish. What would you pick?

      1. re: slowfoodgrrl

        I'm lazy, I just use the technique from the 1975 Joy of Cooking's blender mayonnaise recipe, substituting mashed garlic for the mustard, cayenne, and sugar and using 100% olive oil.

        Fish, whatever looked good at the store. Actually if I were planning ahead I'd poach salt cod.

    2. Tuna stew (with white wine, tomatoes and/or peppers and/or olives), grilled squid, grilled scallops, crayfish à la bordelaise (flamed in brandy; seasoned with cayenne; poached in white wine with mirepoix; sauced with the reduced poaching liquid thickened with egg yolks). Or RL's suggestions.

      1. Grilled fish, grilled chicken or a ham dinner would go nicely. Just make sure if you have any sauces that they don't over power the rose.

        1. Roast chicken, farm fresh sweet corn, a green salad or green beans with a nice mustard vinaigrette and a crusty baguette would pair nicely with a Bordeaux Rose and a Summer supper on the porch.