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Aug 13, 2007 12:55 PM

Frozen Spinach -- what to do with it?

As I've mentioned before on this board, I am very lucky in that I have 2 small chowhounds (ages almost 3 years old and almost 11 months old). They eat everything!

When my husband was out the other night, I was feeding them dinner, which consisted of turkey meatballs and little spanakopita that I buy at Trader Joe's. I keep the spanakopita in the freezer, just to mix things up once in a while. My son, almost 11 months old, couldn't really eat the flaky pastry part (too flaky) but I was giving him the spinach/feta filling on a fork and he loved it.

So it got me thinking about how I could prepare frozen spinach in order to make it tasty, without adding a lot of fat. The only thing that I could come up with was to make a spinach/cheese bake kind of thing, so I bought low-fat cottage cheese the next day. The recipe that I have includes, frozen spinach, cottage cheese, eggs, bread crumbs (actually it really calls for matzoh meal, since it's a Passover recipe!) and some spices. It's very easy and good, but I was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions for a tasty, easy spinach dish?


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  1. A million things!

    Ravioli filling
    mixed into pasta
    baked eggs with spinach and tomato sauce
    eggs florentine
    Caldo Verde (spinach and chick pea soup)
    egplant involtini filling
    between baked fish fillets for a fish florentine dish
    mannicotti/caneloni filling
    cream of spinach soup
    tossed into a bean salad
    stirred into mac and cheese
    pizza topping
    mixed into a chicken cacciatore dish

    off the top of my head.....I love frozen spinach

    1. Easy and not much fat: saute a few cloves chopped garlic in a little olive oil. Add the frozen spinach, cover, and steam till tender. Add seasoned salt and pepper to taste. My Italian mother did this all the time as a quick vegetable dish and so do I.

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        Toss the above with pasta or pierogies too!

      2. Mix with low fat cream cheese and diced up onion. Buy some Frito scoops and you have a great dip

        1. Works great for quiche. 1 package thawed and water squeezed out. Saute w/ a little chopped shallot, add S&P and nutmeg. Put into (unbaked) pie crust, top with mix of 3 large eggs and enough milk (skim is fine) to make 1 1/2 cups. Top this w/ a little grated Swiss cheese and more nutmeg. Bake at 375 for 35 mins.

          1. I use the frozen chopped spinach from Traders in a number of ways:
            - cook just enough to thaw, squeeze dry, and season with soy sauce, salt, sugar, vinegar, sesame seeds to make a Japanese style salad
            - creamed spinach
            - Spanish style with nuts and raisins
            - Spanish style with chick peas
            - cook some with rice to color