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Aug 13, 2007 12:48 PM

What to do with roasted Hatch chilis?

So every year my specialty grocery sells roasted Hatch chilis, and every year I'm not sure what to do with them. They also sell them in pretty large containers--all over 2 lbs.

So far I made a fresh corn/chili/crab salad and I still have a whole bunch of chilis left :)



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  1. Send 'em to me!!!!

    But failing that, they are extensively used in New Mexican cooking, for stews, enchiladas, chile rellenos, etc. Any "green chile" recipe will be awesome using your chiles.

    They also freeze very well. My dad always roasts, peels, and freezes a 5-gallon bucket of chiles each summer for having year-round green chile.

    1. Ah, my favorite part of the end of summer...HATCH PEPPERS!

      First and most obvious, chiles rellenos. I try to do this recipe at least twice while I can get them freshly roasted. Once you freeze them, they don't hold up as well and get holes.

      Next is chicken sopa (basically a chicken/chile lasagna made with layered corn tortillas.

      Then comes chicken tortilla soup, hatch chile dip, sauce, and homemade queso made simply from a layer of pureed green chile, carmelized onions and melted white cheddar.

      Simply grilled and aside a nice steak is nice.

      Later in the year when it's not so blistering hot outside, it's time for beef fajitas with plenty of them thawed, and sal picon the same way.

      Grilled shrimp wrapped in chiles and prosciutto...

      ah, let me count the ways....

      1. Also very good with eggs. I do an egg, green chile, chorizo, potato sort of hash that is great served with corn tortillas.

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          I do a version of this I call Skillet Chilaquiles. This is a twice or three times a week staple at my house.

          White onion
          Roasted chilies
          Tortilla chips
          Grated Cheese

          Chop up some white onion and a healthy amount of the roasted chilies, about a handful of each. Sauté them in olive oil or butter in a large skillet until soft, seasoning with salt and cumin. While they are cooking, beat 4-6 eggs in a bowl.

          When the onions and chilies have softened, add a couple of handfuls of tortilla chips to the skillet and stir until the chips are well coated with the oil. Pour in the eggs and stir, scrambling the eggs, which will begin to coat the chips.

          When the eggs are just about done, add a handful of grated cheese (cheddar and Monterey jack, or other Mexican cheeses, whatever you have on hand.) Stir well, letting the cheese melt.

          Serve with Pico de Gallo and sliced avocado.

          The cumin and roasted chilies both make this dish. You can also start with soft corn tortillas if you don’t mind the extra time. Slice them and cook them in oil until crisp.

        2. I probably should have mentioned ... I'm in Texas and it's hotter than it's been all year. I'm looking for summery/cool recipes--it's more the outcome than the process that I'm concerned about. I can't bear the thought of eating anything heavy right now ...

          Unfortunately I'm not set up to freeze them. A deep freeze is on my list ...

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            you could try a nice quinoa salad with black beans and corn with the chiles, and a lime cilantro vingerette. Maybe add some rottiserrie (sp?) chicken in it too..

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              Here's an easy recipe my mom came up with:
              "Naked rellenos"
              In a glass dish, layer:
              Deli turkey slices, green chili, grated cheese, turkey, chili, cheese, ending with cheese after you make several layers.
              Microwave at about 60% power until heated and bubbly throughout. Serve in a flour tortilla, rolled like a burrito. A great quick dinner and not too hot.

              Also, mix chopped chili with cream cheese...spread on a tortilla pretty thick. Roll tortilla and put in refrigerator to "set" a little bit. Slice so that you have pinwheels - a quick appetizer that everyone loves.

            2. Check out the following website for tons of recipes/ideas for all kinds of chili peppers