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Aug 13, 2007 12:44 PM

Bachelorette Party Suggestions

I'm planning a bachelorette party for early September and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on good dinner spots. There will be about a dozen of us and we are looking for something fun, lively atmosphere reasonable prices and good drinks (and food). We’re leaning towards Thai/Pan Asian places (but open).

The crowd is mainly professional Manhattan women in mid-30s. Aren't aiming to cause a huge commotion but would love a place where we can be in the spirit (don't want to disturb more tame dinners and date nights).

Thinking of Kin Khao, Planet Thailand 212, Cafetasia. I’ve been to all for regular dinners and they seem to fit the bill. But would love any feedback on groups at these spots or other suggestions of memorable spots? Just want to be (relatively) downtown.

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  1. Kittichai, Buddakhan, Highline, Spice Market (none of these places' food is extremely memorable, but you all will love the atmospheres)

    1. Buddakhan and Spice Market I like as well.
      I planned a party 2 years ago at Mannahatta, food is Tapas, they were very helpful and will do a preset menu which can be helpful when a large group goes out. The downstairs turns into a night club where the music was very good last time I was there