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Any interesting non-bread ideas for a surplus of bananas?

I have approximately three pounds of very ripe (brown-speckled but not yet black) bananas that need to be used. I'm tired of banana bread. Anyone do anything else interesting with extra bananas? Ice cream? some kind of savory preparation, maybe? I would appreciate any ideas.

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  1. Well, you can fry them with cardamom and such, sautee them with butter, rum, and brown sugar, make a passable dair free banana ice cream. make them into fritters, make a lot of smoothies Banana cream pie is good. Grill them with a few squares of chocolate on top. Serve them with bread and milk, mix them with rice and mango and sweet syrup, serve over granola, dehydrate them into banana chips...

    wow, now I want bananas!

    1. Frozen bananas are great ! I keep a batch in the freezer (peeled and cut in chunks) to toss into smoothies. Or I just eat them frozen - they taste like banana ice cream.

      My "try this someday" list has these banana recipes on it:

      Banana-Rum Gelato:

      David Liebowitz's Roasted Banana Ice Cream:

      Caramelized Banana Buttermilk Ice Cream:

      Vietnamese Banana Cashew Cake (has bread, but sounds really good anyway):

      Banana Vodka:


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        I second smoothies! I do the same thing and freeze my bananas. Here's my favorite go-to recipe ratios: 1 banana, 1 cup frozen fruit, 3/4 cup yogurt, 3/4 cup fruit juice (apple is good, so is OJ) and 1 Tbsp. honey. Grate a little fresh nutmeg to up the health benefits. A great variation is using 2 bananas and adding about 1/4 cup of peanut butter.

      2. smoothies would be a good idea. i have a weakness for banana splits myself-- for another frozen treat you can make frozen bananas-- by themselves, dipped in chocolate, dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts. . .

        you could make a really simple banana liqueur similar to this one, or get ideas from a preserving book for banana-based chutneys and jams


        in hot weather i like sliced bananas sprinkled with salt and pepper. try it!

        1. One of my favorite salads is mixed greens with avocado, sliced banana, fontina or white cheddar cheese, cashews/sunflower seeds/popped wheat, with a good honey mustard dressing.

          1. I have made this recipe for banana cake several times. My niece demands it fo rher birthday now.


            1. This banana cake fromAndrea Nguyen's Into the Vetnamese ktchen is a knockout.

              We had it ar an Asian pot luck, I thought I'd set aside a little for the next day but someone took off with it. It really wants very ripe bananas with balckened skins.Let me know if you need a paraphrase. It is very dense. It baked up and falls. I may have to some dark rum and whipped cream on it next go round Tis uses 1.5 lbs of bananas per cake, look to the back of the photo

              1. Sherry Yard's "The Secrets of Baking" has two banana-related recipes that sound lovely: one is for a chocolate-banana ganache, and the other is for chocolate-banana beignets that use the banana ganache and sound lovely. Good Luck!

                1. whizz then with yoghurt and freeze in popsicle containers.

                  (whizz with pre-fab whole cream brandy custard and freeze as above. Don't ever admit to anyone you purchased pre-fab custard)

                  1. Banana pudding! Mash one banana into vanilla pudding mix, layer with nilla wafers and banana slices, and you've got an amazing banana pudding! tastes even better the next day when the nilla wafers are a little soft, and topped with whipped cream

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                      smoothies---why not impress your friends/family and make bananas foster

                    2. banana ice cream - I used Alton Brown's recipe last time and it was delicious!

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                      1. I do love a good banana pudding with Nilla wafers, but that can get a little old after a while. Perhaps a spicy banana chutney? Filipinos enjoy a savory banana ketchup, a reasonable approximation of which can be whipped up at home to top foods as varied as hot dogs, eggs or even fried rice!

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                          Futhering the banana ketchup idea, I know there is at least one savory/spicy banana condiment in The Thrill of the Grill by Schlesinger and Willoughby, which is one of the cookbook of the month options. I had the book from the library and have since returned it, but I'm sure if you asked on the cookbook of the month thread somebody could paraphrase the recipe for you. And I'd expect that there are probably some other interesting savory banana items in that book and others...they seem to be big on spicy-sweet combos with tropical fruits.

                        2. I saw once on ATK that they added a banana to the Mulligatawny soup.

                          1. Banana daquiris are an incredibly delicious summer drink. We make them by the pitcher for parties at the beach and they disappear almost immediately. Blend up 1 banana with a shot of light rum, a shot of triple sec, and ounce or so of fresh lime juice, a teaspoon of sugar and a handful of ice cubes.

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                              Oh, god yes! NOTHING goes through bananas faster than making banana daquiris! Just make sure you clear your calendar for the rest of the day, because you tend to do a lot of sitting around, basking in the sun with your feet in the pool after a pitcher or two...or three. At least *I* do!

                            2. Dip them in batter and deep-fry them.

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                                There's a Chinese recipe where they batter and deep fry the bananas, then dip into a melted sugar syrup (probably hard-crack stage) then dunk briefly in ice water. It makes the sugar crackle. I think they also might have sliced the bananas in half longwise, and sandwiched a little red bean paste between the halves before battering.

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                                  Further painting the lily, a lot of Chinese restaurants cover the mound of 'glaced bananas' with whipped cream and cherries. What's not to love?

                              2. I make a very popular banana cream pie with a chocolate cookie crust (from those chocolate Nabisco wafers, butter, and brown sugar to bind), blind bake the crust. Then place sliced bananas over the bottom of the crust, I mix up about 2 C of pudding - coconut is my current favorite - pour over the bananas in the crust and let that set in the fridge. Then top with fresh whipped cream sweetened with powdered sugar and some vanilla, grate some good dark chocolate over the top. Serve right away or stash in the kitchen 'til dessert.

                                1. don't forget pb and banana sandwiches

                                  1. Banana stuffed french toast?

                                    mash the nanners a little, and lay them out between two pieces of stale brioche. Coat the whole thing in a batter of eggs, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, and a little bit of good rum. Fry in a good pan till GBD. Top with maple syrup and whipped cream.

                                    Or, I used to take mashed nanners and wrap them in a whole wheat tortilla brushed with both sides in butter or sprayed with pam. Then I'd roll them in brown sugar and bake them till the tortilla is crispy. Again, top with whipped cream and syrup, or instead of syrup, more brown sugar.

                                    1. Lots of good ideas here! I also freeze extra bananas - what I do is peel them, then wrap each one individually in wax paper. Then put them all in a zip lock bag & freeze. I know they'd last longer if I used my seal a meal, but I've never bothered with the effort.

                                      I make a banana 'ice cream' that's delicious & simple - I put one or two frozen bananas in a food processor & add a dash of maple syrup or honey, then whip it up. If it gets difficult to blend, I add a spoonful or two of warm water. Some walnuts thrown in at the last minute makes a sort of maple walnut ice cream - so good & so good for you, too.

                                      1. Throw them (peel and all) on the grill and grill until they are mushy. Serve with ice cream for a grilled banana split. Or, serve along side a spicy grilled meat.

                                        1. Don't forget Bananas Foster.

                                          1. my guilty pleasure: peanut butter, banana, and jelly sandwiches =D with old fashioned, unsalted peanut butter and extra jelly... oh man...