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Aug 13, 2007 12:02 PM

Cafeteria style "Trout Almandine?"

I grew up in SW Florida, and the cafeteria (Morriosn's -- but I am not thinking that -- that was later) there in Fort Myers, Florida served a FRIED filet of trout that was lightly battered and really crisply fried, with sliced almonds in the nice thin crusty batter. So good, and I am so wanting to get that food memory back into the real sensory world. Any ideas, recipes? Does anyone remember this dish?

It curled up on the ends a little but with the frying, and it was a nice almond color itself. Ooooh, to taste it again! My dad hated cafeterias, but he bore up with this!

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  1. Hi-

    If you are looking for a local restaurant that can replicate this dish you have come to the right place. If you are seeking a recipe, please post a seperate query for that over on our Home Cooking board:


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      Well, actually I was looking for food memories as well as maybe a recipe. I doubt any restaurant is serving it. Please move this to Home Cooking board if you think that is where it belongs! Because I would like a recipe! Thanks, alkapal

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        I saw it recently at the S&S Cafeteria. I think they have locations in GA and SC.

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          WOW! I am excited, and will be traveling in both those states soon! THANKS! How is the quality control across those cafeterias?

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            The only S&S I've been to is the one in Columbia, SC. And until my recent visit it was probably ten years since I'd last been there. I noticed a little slippage in ingredients. I chalked it up to the rise in food costs over that period and their need to keep costs down for the people they serve. That said, I'd be happy to go back if for no other reason than the trip down Memory Lane.


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              I love it! "One designated meat" 2 veg and bread and butter. All for 5.89!

    2. K&W Cafeterias in the Carolinas still have Trout Almandine on the menu occasionally.

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        Didn;t know that. They're generally better that S&S or Picadilly.