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Visiting Atlanta: where should I go?


I'll be visiting Atlanta for three days in a few weeks and am looking for some inside advice on where to eat. I'd prefer to stay away from the chains and the ordinary. Any local, quirky kind of place would be great. Breakfast, lunch, dinner...I'll need to know about it all. Expensive is fine, but I generally don't like to get dressed up to go out to eat. A great Indian restaurant would be a real plus.

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  1. First place to go is the Search function above! ; )

    There are lots of great prior posts about where to go in Atlanta, and mostly steering people away from chains and the 'ordinary.' Indian would not be my recommendation while in Atlanta unless you're completely set on it. Far better options in other cuisines.

    1. >Any local, quirky kind of place would be great.

      I'm not a local so others will no doubt have their picks but R. Thomas Deluxe Grill may work for you. Here's a link: http://www.rthomasdeluxegrill.com/

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        avoid r.thomas like the plauge. worst service and possiblay the worst food on the entire planet.

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          I ways there once, late night thing. Had a couple eggs with bacon and a half order of french toast and maple syrup. The food was fine but the scene was worth the trip. (BTW, the worst food on the planet can be found at Hominy Grill.)

      2. Where are you staying and will you have a car?

        1. Nicola's on LaVista at Briarcliff is fun, quirky (Dinnner). The food is very good. Coco Loco on Sidney Marcus is very good cuban food (Lunch or Dinner). For lunch Havana Sandwich shop on Buford Hwy has a great cuban sandwich. Shorty's Pub on N. Druid Hills has the best guacamole in the city and a great pizza or wonderful salad (Lunch or Dinner)
          Indian I don't know.
          You can go to downtown Decatur and pick from Sushi to Mexican to Pub and it's a no miss hit!
          Good luck and let us know how your trip turns out!

          1. I'm not from Atlanta, but I would recommend Tamarind downtown for Thai (limited parking, tho) My other recc is to head out to Green Street in Roswell to Swallow at the Hollow (great BBQ) and Greenwood's across the street for Southern dishes and pie. Dollar-for-dollar, you'll have a hard time beating those two (well worth the drive)

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              If you're talking about the original Tamarind (w/ the limited parking at 14th and Williams)- it isn't there any more. Tamarind Seed, however, is open in Colony Square (14th St and P'tree) and is very good. They have a parking deck, so no problems there.

            2. I have a similar request. I'm heading down to Atlanta on Saturday afternoon for the Braves game from Tenn. Any place to get some good BBQ or a good burger near the ballpark? Walking distance would be great. Never been to this park before so don't know if it's in a downtown setting with pedestrian traffic around the park, or if it's surrounded by parking lots for the commuters. I'll have my 13 y.o. son & 65 y.o. dad with me so no dingy bars & no dark settings, please.

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                You could walk to Daddy D'z BBQ (less than a mile away), but you wouldn't want to. The park is not in a walkable setting since the surrounding neighborhoods are not so great. Also nearby is Rolling Bones, probably 2 miles away. Both are decent, but I wouldn't say great.

                One of the better burgers in town is at the Vortex, which wouldn't be too far out of your way into town off 75 in Midtown.

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                  Harold's for BBQ is pretty close to the ballpark, need to drive. The best stew slaw dog ever.
                  You could stop at the Varsity on the way, I would rather get a hotdog at Turner Field they do have some really good ones.
                  Have fun at the game. Go Braves!

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                    Sorry Kat, I'm rooting for the visitors. Go DBacks!

                    So, which is better, Harold's or Vortex?

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                      Depends on what you'd like, Vortex for the best hamburger and Harolds for BBQ, you pick.
                      It will be a great game anyway! Have fun.

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                        the vortex is great, fantastic, incredible....gimme a coronary bypass w/ some chili-cheese tots and a sweetwater 420...mmmm, mmmm!

                        that being said, they won't let the 13yo in, (unless they've recently changed, due to Ga. law about places that allow smoking are over 18-only) and the 65yo may not want to go in. That being said, tell 'em to wait in the car!!!

                        I don't think you'll go wrong w/ Harold's, but your son may wonder what those things are in the cornbread...

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                          Ok, I'm game. What ARE those things in the cornbread? Corn? Peppers?

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                            cracklings (little crunchy nuggets of rendered pork fat)
                            not really appetizing looking, but very yummy.

                            The running joke at my grandmother's house used to be:
                            Kid: "Hey, grandma, what are these things in the cornbread?'
                            Grandmother: "Cracklins"
                            Kid: "with legs?!?"

                            OK, so my grandmother never thought it was funny, my cousins and I thought it hilarious.

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                          Just a quick report: We ended up going to Harold's for 'cue. I was greeted by a very nice, outgoing young lady in the parking lot named Denise who was wondering if I might help her obtain some dinner for her and her 4 children. When I gladly offered to bring her out some food when we were done eating, she declined and said that she'd just prefer the money. (Harold's has been around since 1947 and has probably seen the neighborhood turn over a few times.)

                          I ordered the pork plate with the standard Brunswick stew, slaw & cornbread. As advertised, the stew is wonderful. On a cold rainy day, I could go through several bowls. On a hot steamy afternoon, it was still delicious. The pork was very serviceable. I had it chopped rather than sliced (an odd choice to me) and found it to be rather bland tasting by itself, but with their sauce improved quickly. I belong to the bbq school that says bbq that relies to heavily on its sauce isn't very good bbq, but that being said, the sauce finished off the meat very nicely. It seemed to me, almost a Carolina-style sauce: very thin, strong vinegar taste, and likely mustard based, although there was definitely tomato products in the sauce as well. It grew on me with each bite. By the end of the dish, each bite had me looking forward to the next. Finally, the idea of cracklin's in cornbread was a very intriguing idea to me...sounded wonderful. And that's all I have to say about that.

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                            Oh, BTW, the Diamondbacks KILLED the Braves that night. Go DBacks!