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Aug 13, 2007 11:39 AM

Help me pick my birthday dinner!

My birthday is in a few weeks and we're celebratig with a few dinners. It falls on a Wednesday so we're planning to go out that night and also that Saturday to celebrate. I'm thinking of going to Jewel Bako and Degustation on Wednesday since I LOVE both of those places but I'm torn about where to go on Saturday.

I really want to try someplace I've never been to before. I have a lot of places on my to-do lit and some of them include Annisa, Porter House, Blue Hill and Gotham Bar. I'm thinking of one of these places. Can anyone help me decide where to go? I would love any sugesstions- thanks!

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  1. Assuming you want your birthday meal to be memorable (and given the restaurants you've listed I assume price isn't a huge factor either), I'd select Blue Hill or Annisa in that order. I ate a Blue Hill last month, for the first time in summer, and was blown away. Everything was spectacular. We had the tasting menu and were not disappointed. In addition, we left feeling satisfied but not degusted (the food is light, as summer food should be, and fairly healthy). I'd run back tomorrow.

    Annisa, which I tried last year, was also excellent. We had a tasting menu there too. I remember one or two courses being good and the others all being excellent. Desserts were particularly wonderful.

    I'd skip Gotham. I think the place is past its prime.

    Finally, I'd recommend The Harrison. I think some hounders feel the food is overrated but I love it. The food is seasonal, crisp and delicious. I think everything on the menu there is terrific, and I've had everything!

    Good luck and happy birthday!

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      If you are considering The Harrison you might want to check out a recent thread "harrison update." When I went back in late February the food and service were very good. Others may have more recent experiences or a different opinion.

    2. I agree with the first posting--Blue Hill then Annisa. I've had b'day dinners at both, different years, and though both are excellent the overall experience at Blue Hill was more memorable. Haven't been to the Manhattan location in a couple of years but was at Stone Barn a few months ago and was blown away again. really can't go wrong with any of the options.

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        I just returned from a most delicious meal served without pretension but just the right amount of attention last evening at Gotham Bar & Grill.
        I really was apprehensive about it but am throughly pleased with the positive result.
        The place itself is smashing looking.
        We got our table through Open Table and requested a private corner table.
        When we walked in we were promptly lead to a lovely table for 4 in a corner near the front door.
        We noticed that other twosomes were lead to the "banquette" seats (which I don't happen to like -- no privacy) and were curious to know how we got such a fine table.
        I think the answer was Open Table.
        The presentations were like artwork and the food was delicious.
        Of course all of this comes at a price but then we knew that before we walked in the door.
        We both agreed that we never mind paying more for good value.
        Being newbies to the Big A we are trying to try a bit of everything but eventually we will find our way back again to Gotham Bar & Grill.
        All I can say is, if it really has a reputation of being past its prime, it must have been "some kind of incredible place."
        A very positive experience and highly recommended.