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Aug 13, 2007 11:37 AM

Catering Recommendation - Northwest or West Suburbs?

I'm hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law for about 30 people. It will be a ladies luncheon (salads, pasta, etc.) on a Saturday afternoon, and buffet style to keep costs reasonably low. I want to avoid chain restaurant catering if possible.

Can anyone tell me about their good catering experience for a similar luncheon, birthday party, etc.?

Since the event will be in Villa Park, ideally the caterer would be relatively close by or able to deliver there.

Thanks for your input!

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  1. "salads, pasta etc."
    Anything HOT? Or more like pasta SALAD. Are sammiches out of the question, like not fancy enough? Can u pick the stuff up? I just catered a baby shower for 30ppl. No hot foods. Fancy sub sandwiches, chicken salad on croissants, pasta salad, fruit salad, eli's cheesecakes (from their factory) cut up and trayed. Cost? You'd be amazed. Quality? Already been asked by 6 of the ppl to cater their event. Caveat? I'm a computer programmer, not a caterer. Anyway, I have a suggestion for sammiches, and pasta /potato salad from an italian deli on North Avenue in Elmwood Park. Not sure if they do any HOT foods for catering, but they make some killer sub sammiches with REAL meats - this is no subway garbage I'm steering you to, trust me. If you can pick this stuff up, you probably save more money. I'd go with several trauys of their subs, and then potato, and pasta salad. Then I'd make my own fruit salad since there is SOOO much in season and dirt cheap right now. I'd bet you can make a vat of fruit salad for 30 ppl going HEAVY on strawberries for a ttl price of about 15.00. So, anyway, this place's sammiches will have your guests wondering and asking where they are from. It's on North Avenue a little east of Thatcher (which is a little east of 1st avenue.)

    Alpine Food Shop
    7538 W North Ave
    Elmwood Park, IL 60707
    (708) 453-3505

    Go try one of their subs, and their potato salad. I see sandwich trays being picked up every time I go there, and I've been to quite a few parties that prominently display the alpine sammich tray. That's my .02.

    1. If you're thinking along sandwich lines, a closer option to Villa Park would be Mario's Deli on Lake Street in Addison. Great sandwiches, pasta salad, EXCELLENT antipasto salad. I've had their salads for super bowl parties, etc. and everyone loves it - salami, bread, marinated mushrooms and artichokes, mmmmmmmmmm. If you just want a tray of pasta, Caputo's Market has a three cheese baked mostaccioli that will knock your socks off. Another .02.