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Aug 13, 2007 11:29 AM

LES - Romantic, fun bar around Orchard?

Where's a great place to grab a romatic/fun drink before or after a quiet birthday dinner for two?

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  1. My SO and I are looking for something similar - headed to the Orchard this Sat night. We were thinking something a bit more casual and fun so we will likely go to Loreley's to enjoy some German wheat beers (if we still have room after dinner!).

    1. Thor at the hotel on rivington. Or if you want something busy try Piano's. There are a thousand bars on Rivington around Clinton anyway, you could always just walk along and be spontaneous!

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        Thanks! I like the idea of Loreley, but we'll be a bit dressed up. I think he's already been to Thor, so not sure about that, and Pianos prolly too loud. Any other recommends? Thanks for the start!

      2. Verlaine has pretty good drinks (across the steet from Thor); Coco on Clinton actually has a pretty cool vibe at night and a nice wine list or you could hit up Jadis a great Itallian wine bar on the West End of Rivington. Yet another option but a further walk would be to head to East Side Drinking Co. - West Side of Essex off of Grand. Or take a walk after dinner up to Death & Co. or Against the Grain on 6th street.

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          i second jadis or verlaine. pianos is certainly busy, but not romantic at all and very, very casual.

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            I second Death & Co for after dinner drinks, and you could try the 205 lounge, very artsy but chilled

          2. If you are dressed up, the Stanton Social is a great place. It can be a little crowded sometime, but it seems to go in waves. The cocktails are fantastic and well made with a superb wine list. The bar is upstairs.

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              Thanks all - these are great suggestions!

            2. I second both Death & Co. and Against the Grain (or the sister bar right next door Grape & Grain), one is beer, the other one wine. I'm also a fan of SB3 on 3rd and B, it's airy, chilled out, and they make great interesting cocktails.

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                Sounds great - are those two Grain places also restaurants?