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Aug 13, 2007 11:23 AM

The Citizen??

Any chounds tried this place yet? Am thinking of checking it out within the next two weeks and would love to hear any info/ recommendations / warnings. Thanks!

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  1. We had dinner there about three weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Old age catching up with me trying to remember what we ate...

    Veal Croquettes - lovely crispy little snacks
    Heirloom tomato salad - outstanding tomato flavour and this was before the peak of tomato season with well balanced accompaniments
    My friend had gnocchi which were very nice and light
    I had the tartare which was very good but didn't quite edge out Batifole's tartare
    Loved the Merguez sausage appetizer which came with a lovely caper (?) sauce

    Memory fading, that's all I remember...
    Overall a good evening and then went for more drinks at the Comrade down the street which has a great loungy, after dinner vibe.

    Here are some other reviews

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    1. re: Mila

      Thanks for the reply. Now I must head to not only the Citizen, but also Batifole, for tartare. Have not gone to Batifole despite the glowing reviews because a friend had a negative experience with the service. Will have to see for myself now! I can no longer ignore the positive feedback and deprive myself of a great food experience.

      And thanks for the link - I missed that thread entirely when I searched. It was below the sponsored links and I didn't scroll down far enough.

      Will definitely be going to Citizen within the next two weeks!

      1. re: 11oclockish

        FWIW, we've always had good service at Batifole, even at Summerlicious.

    2. Being a big fan of Rosebud, I had been looking forward to the Citizen. My husband and I had dinner there during the August long weekend on the Sunday night and it was pretty quiet. We thought the overall dining experience was excellent - good service, great food at very reasonable prices. We will definitely go back. I had the Dr. Ribs/cornbread and slaw to start, followed by the rabbit and pea gnocchi. The ribs themselves (made with a Dr. Pepper sauce) were very tasty and was quite a large portion and could have been a small main. The cornbread muffin was average and so was the slaw (too much grainy mustard). This was followed by the rabbit/pea gnocchi, which was delicious - light, fluffy and not gummy in the least. My husband had the caesar salad to start (which was great) and the bolognese risotto. The gnocchi and risotto were smallish portions, but after my ribs, it was more than enough food. I did wonder what the tartare was like - looks like I should check out Batifole's tartare instead. For dessert, we had the banana bread s'mores, which was the higlight of the meal. Both my husband and I loved this dessert! Overall dining experience was very good and we'll definitely be back.

      1. I really should clarify that the Batifole tartare is horse tartare. But the accompaniments edged out Citizen in terms of a more assertive flavour. Citizen was very good but I thought it could have been, as Emeril says, "kicked up a notch".

        Sorry for that quote.

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        1. re: Mila

          I was there last Thursday evening. Very much enjoyed the wiener schnitzel and my friend said great things about the halibut. Started with oysters - rather disappointing. The service was sincere but unpolished. On the whole, I would recommend.

        2. Thanks for the info. Four of us will be going either this weekend or next. I think, having read the comments here and elsewhere, that I will chose a meal from a few of the dishes that have received fairly consistent recs: veal croquettes, panzanella, caesar salad, merguez sausages, spatzle, schnitzel, halibut.
          Don't worry, I'm not planning on eating them all, but I do hope that my SO, who is a big eater, orders some of the dishes I don't!