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Aug 13, 2007 11:14 AM

Rome, Naples & Capri

I'm visiting Rome, Naples and Capri in late September and I'd love to know a list of can't miss restaurants in all 3 areas. I also happen to be on a gluten free diet so if anyone knows of gluten free establishments in either of those areas it would be most appreciated. Any restaurants serving great seafood would be a huge plus too.

Also, are there any great markets in either area for buying prosciutto, etc?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Hi, in Naples you can eat fresh fish to the risorante
    Marechiaro, the position in one of the zones beautiful than Naples the zone calls Posillipo marechiaro.
    The kitchen is truly extraordinary to try.
    Have fun

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      In Capri, Al Grotino, Paolino and Pizzeria Aurora. If you are staying for couple of days try Addo Riccio and Fontelina for lunch. All restaurants on Capri serve seafood. It's all about seafood on Capri and Amalfi coast.

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        Da Gelsomina in Anacapri is well worth the hike to the far right end of the island. Incredible ravioli melts in your mouth. You can also take in Philosophical Park across the way & by all means walk the short distance to the end of the island to the right for a breath-taking view. Sublime.

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        Vinny-thanks for the recommendations. Youre so well versed and "on the mark."

      3. Syphrite, I don't think that there are too many gluten free restaurants in Italy - that would mean no pasta! Still, there will be many options wherever you go. Most restaurants have an antipasto cart that has a wide assortment of vegetable & fish goodies. Just watch out for breadcrumbs, which feature in a lot of dishes. Learn the word "pangrattato" point and ask with a question mark in your voice.

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          Thanks Bropaul! I am committing "pangrattato?" to memory as we speak. :)

          Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

        2. there's another naples and capri thread going right now on this board where I posted a lot of naples reccs which respond to you in part. If you cant handle wheat flour at all, look out for fish/seafood that has been fried, which may be dusted with flour. in addition to the breadcrumbs noted below.