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Aug 13, 2007 10:52 AM

Stamey's - Please tell me there's better BBQ in Greensboro...

Recent reviews on here noted that Stamey's had gone "downhill". After trying it for the first time this weekend, I can report that it has hit the bottom of the hill and is now tunneling towards center earth. I ordered the chopped pork and chicken combo with sides of baked beans and cole slaw. Of the 4 items, the slaw was the only one better than mediocre; the pork, chicken, and beans were all hospital cafeteria quality at best, wholly lacking any discernible BBQ characteristics. The rubbery chicken exhibited none of the tell-tale BBQ smokiness or charring and came slathered in a cloyingly sweet tomato-based sauce. The pork was dry and pallid, with a bit of an off taste; the beans straight from a supermarket can. Some people have spoken highly of the dessert cobblers, but after the disappointing meat, I decided to save the calories. Our server was friendly and my bottled water nicely chilled, otherwise, I don't have many positive things to say about my trip to Stamey's.

So, my fellow Chowhounds, any better options for BBQ in Greensboro or the surrounding area? I've done some quick searches on here, and it looks like options are limited without heading into Winston-Salem. Is this indeed the case? I've eaten some great BBQ in TX and Kansas City and am excited to try the fabled NC BBQ. Stamey's set the bar low, so things can only get better...

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  1. As a G'boro native and lover of NC BBQ, Stamey's decline breaks my heart. I'm not sure there is any good 'Q in G'boro anymore...years ago there was Bob Petty's, Nuckle's, Stamey's. I think your best bet is Little Richard's in W-S, the various Lexington joints, Short Sugar's in Reidsville and Fuzzy's in Madison. If you want to head towards the Triangle, Allen and Son (between Hillsborough and Chapel Hill) is my all time favorite NC 'Q.

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      Other Greensboro joints now gone but not forgotten include Lambert's, Turner's and Casey's (my first recollection of barbecue). Bob Petty's was a great favorite of mine as they were the only place you could get a cold beer to wash down their barbecue and onion rings. I went for take-out from Stamey's (High Point Rd. location) several weeks ago and noted no decline in quality. That being said, I haven't had their chicken in many years and I always order sliced barbecue. Never bothered with the beans which are usually an afterthought in NC barbecue joints, unlike KC where beans have attained a great and deserved reputation. Clark's Barbecue in Kernersville is outstanding and only 20 minutes from Greensboro. Their hushpuppies, however, are inferior to Stamey's.

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        Head on over to Winston or Lexington. I have seen other Q joint s in gso just have not seen any wood piles near by so I keep driving. I tried clarks one and got cold cue on a stale bun. Cue had promise(smoky flavor) but cold and on a stale bun I never tried them again. Prissy pollys is also in kville I have had one good experience and one mediocre. I would try lil richards on country club(some say their location on gumtree is also good) or try Mr. BBQ on peterscreek. Mr. BBQ has better hushies than Richards but richards has table service if that matters to you

      2. re: carolinadawg

        Aunt Bea's in Mount Airy is really good, but I hardly ever see it mentioned on here for some reason. Short Sugar's no longer cooks with wood, I believe. I found it unremarkable save for the sauce.