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Aug 13, 2007 10:42 AM

Paderno Pots /how to clean bottoms

I have some Paderno Pots ( Pots from Eternity line). I would like to know how to clean the bottoms of the pots. The bottoms are solid aluminum and have ridged concentric rings. I was told to use an oven cleaner, but the directions for Easy Off says not to use on aluminum. I have tried various aluminum cleaners and also SOS scouring pads and nothing touches the brown soiled areas.

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  1. Never use oven cleaner on aluminum or even annodized aluminum (Calphalon etc) it will pit the surfaces badly. Same is true with Dawn Power Dissolver. Calphalon has recomomended Comet I have used it succesfully on it. It does take some scrubbing.

    1. Try a light soak in white vinegar to see if the grunge doesn't start to come loose. I would then shift to Brillo and elbow grease. I have Paderno too, but the Grand Gourmet that does not have concentric circles. I've not had this problem. Is the problem that you can't get in between the circles to clean?

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        Candy, I think the problem is that I can't get inbetween the rings. I am not sure whether the brown stuff is grunge or maybe discolouration of the aluminum. Now that I have someone who has Paderno pots, I would like to ask you a question. I have both types. The ones with concentric rings on bottoms and also the ones with a pattern on the bottom. These latter ones have both aluminum and stainless showing. I guess I need to ask you first if you have a smoothtop range. If you do, do you have trouble with the pots marking the smoothtop surface? Mine always leave a brown ring and it is usually hard to get off , even with the cream cleaner.

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          My Paderno pots have smooth bottoms, but my LeCrueset enamel cast iron pots do not. I use all of them on my glass cooktop, and I have never had any problems with marking. I think the Paderno Grand Gourmet that I have (purchased from Bridge Kitchenware) has a 1/4 inch solid piece of aluminum on the bottom. It distributes heat as well as some of the expensive copper pans that I have and never use! No burn marks inside, and almost none outside unless the pot boils over. The disk bottom does not extend all the way to the sides, but since I understand the function of a knob to control heat, that has never been a problem. Are you sure you are not experiencing boilovers, which seem to be the only reason I get marks on my cooktop? Or, are you putting a large pot on a small burner? You may be mismatching the size of the pot to the burner. I swear by my Paderno and find myself actually reaching for these more than my beloved LeCrueset because they are lighter. One other tip -- clean the glass top with a wet nylon sponge (green rough side down) while it is still warm, not hot. A good scrub with nylon won't hurt the glass. I don't think that cream cleaner is for heavy, burnt on grime. It is more for polishing. Dishwashing liquid on a scrubbing sponge has kept my cooktop near perfect.

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            Joe from GW here ( ) - I see we travel in the same circles...

            FYI, there are two companies named Paderno:

            The original, and the stuff that I use -->

            And the Canadian name licensee, and no longer related -->

            Please go back to the GW link and click on the Carbon-Off link. If you're that serious about getting rid of the grunge, it's the only thing that'll easily work for you...

            1. re: Joe Blowe

              Thanks Joe for the info on both forums. Today I found out about the product that you recommend and also that my Paderno pots (the ones with concentric ringed bottoms) which are made in Prince Edward Island Canada are not the best pots that Paderno makes. The other Paderno pots that I have ( with smooth bottoms) are apparently made in Indonesia. Who would have known that there are so many Paderno pots. How misleading!

              1. re: BJE

                Try Bar Keepers Friend to clean your pots. I use it on my all-clad stainless, and my stainless sink, and it works beautifully to remove gunk, without scratching. It is a powder, sold in a containder like Comet or Bon Ami, but much gentler than those products, and no bleach. I find it at my local supermarket. Love it.

                1. re: honeybee926

                  I keep hearing about Bar Keepers Friend on different forums. I have never seen it for sale here in Canada. I will have to see if maybe I can order it from somewhere. any ideas?

              2. re: Joe Blowe

                Joe is absolutely right about the two Padernos. One question, however, Paderno's Grand Gourmet is made in Italy, not Indonesia, at least according to Bridge and the stamp on my pots. Is there a third line out there? I knew that the ones made in PIE were not the same thing.

                1. re: RGC1982

                  I believe every Paderno piece that BJE owns is from the Canadian company. BJE, do you have anything that is stamped on the rim "Made in Italy" or "NSF"?

                  The Paderno (Italy) commercial pieces are proudly manufactured in Italy, but they do make a line of residential cookware that could very well be made overseas...

                  1. re: Joe Blowe

                    I have two different types of Paderno pots. The ones that I have trouble cleaning the bottoms are made by Paderno in Prince Edward Island, Canada. They are the line called Pots For Eternity and are available as sets or sold individually. The bottoms are advertised as having a heat conductive bottom pad.
                    Here is a link to these pots
                    The other pots I have are only sold as a set. Set is called Providence and they are advertised as having an encapsulated Pro Tech bottom pad and are recommended for any type of rangetop. I was told this line of pots are being made for Paderno in Indonesia. They are cheaper than the Pots For Eternity line, but have the same high quality and 25 year warranty..
                    Here is a link for these pots
                    When I bought these, I had no idea that Paderno was also made in Italy and was superior to the Canadian product. Talk about pulling the wool over my eyes!
                    Btw, there is no stamp as to where mine are made anywhere on the pots.

                    1. re: BJE

                      As noted by your links, all your cookware is from the Canadian company. The Indonesian stuff must be some budget line of theirs...

                      And to reiterate, the two companies are no longer related to each other (for a very long time now) and do not promote one another.

                      Sorry for your troubles.

                      1. re: Joe Blowe

                        Thanks for the clarification. I suspected they were different companies. I couldn't tell.