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Aug 13, 2007 10:19 AM

leftover tomato paste?

Have you ever opened up a can of tomato paste so you can add like 1 TB to a recipe? Do you think I could freeze the rest for other recipes where I'm going to use another TB? I almost put some into ice cube trays this weekend to try and freeze 1 TB servings for later. Has anyone else tried something like this?

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  1. You can definitely freeze it as you suggest, though I've come to prefer using the kind that comes in the tube - I think it has better flavor and you don't have the storage issue.

    1. I do that with pesto. Put it in ice cube trays, when it freezes put it in plastic bags. You can freeze tomato sauce so I am sure it would work with paste. Also, look for the paste in the squeeze tubes. Much more handy!

      1. put it into a jar and put a layer of oil on top of it effectively not letting any air in, will last a long time in the fridge.

        1. As an aside tomato paste in tubes is available. Squeeze out what you need, pop it in the fridge, and use the rest another day.

          1. I freeze it all the time in small 2 Tbsp. Tupperware mini-containers.