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Aug 13, 2007 10:04 AM

Italian Honeymoon - We are hungry

We will be honeymooning in Italy in October. Starting in Rome (2 nights), then to Florence (4 nights) and then Venice (3 nights). I have never been before, and would appreciate any assistance! I am looking for a wide range of restaurants - moderate to expensive, and any especially memorable or romantic restaurants would be great.
ALMOST married

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  1. Congratulations & Best Wishes!!!

    Be sure to do "Search this board" searches for all three cities. You will find many, many posts, comments and recommendations here for you. You will not go hungry in Italy!

    1. I've not been to Italy yet...waiting for my wife to make up her mind about going. She's the one of Italian heritage. My heritage may be the same as yours.

      In case you do not speak Italian, here is a statement that may get you some good food no matter at which ristorante or trattoria you dine.

      Per favore, abbiamo fame. Vorremo mangiare qualcosa delizioso.

      Translation in polite words: Please, we are hungry. We would like to eat something delicious.

      Buona fortuna and mazel tov!

      1. When in Rome, I - and many others, I'm sure - can heartily recommend Armando al Pantheon. It is literally right down the street from the Pantheon (look for the light blue neon sign - its small, though). While not especially romantic, the restaurant is small enough to be intimate and the marvelous food will definitely put you in a romantic mood. Enoteca Antica, near the Spanish steps on Via de Creci (I believe) is a dimly lit wine bar with delicious selections for nibbling. I still dream about the plate of simple but amazing marinated vegetables we had there. It won't feel romantic when its crowded, though (and it does get crowded!) so try early afternoons (like lunch times). David T is right, though, there are tons of great suggestions here on this board. Enjoy your trip and don't let the bread charges get you down!