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Aug 13, 2007 09:53 AM


Has anyone tried this place...If you have please give details. Thinking of trying it tonight

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  1. Here's a reprint of a post I made in June in the Brick, NJ topic:

    I haven't been in about 2 years, but I have enjoyed four or five very good Italian dinners at Ciao Baby. The name is horrible, but the ambiance is very nice. There's a youthful euro-trash (but definitely Jersey) edge to the place. It's bright and has contemporary design elements. The owners of Ciao Baby also own Lubrano's in Wall, which has very good NYC-style pizza (sold by the pie only, NYC-style meaning thin but doughy/droopy crust, lightly sauced with a sweet and garlicky sauce and very cheesey with orange cheese that stretches when you bite it) and a nice escarole/sausage/white bean appetizer that is big and delicious enough to make a great entree (if you can deal with the breakfast-link-sized sausage). The straciatella soup at Ciao Baby is the best I've ever had in a restaurant. BYOB.

    1. I've had lunch there - all I remember is that was surprisingly tasty.

      1. I was there when they first opened and loved the food. We got two appetizers and it was so much food it could have been dinner alone. We also brought our own wine in (not sure if that has changed). I had a great experience there.

        1. We've been going to Ciao Baby regularly--however, they changed ownership/management about a year ago. The food is still very good, but a few things, namely, the Cutting Board appetizer, was changed to something far less appealing and tasty. The old Cutting Board had loads of roasted peppers, eggplant, mushrooms, olives, cheeses, and prosciutto served on a pizza peel. Supposedly for two, but more than enough for 4. Most of the entree's are the same, and it's a good place to enjoy friends, food, and yes--a bottle or two of BYOB wine. Nona's Chicken Soup--special--was fantastic. We're going tonight for NYE for an early dinner.

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            Was bthere when they first opened before Ciao baby (Mangare or somthing like that?)...Have they changed the booths you sink to your neck very uncomfy?

            1. re: Tapas52

              Do they own another Ciao Baby in Long Island - dh's boss treated us last summer to a Ciao Baby meal. Very trendy looking. Didn't pay for it...I just remember that the portions were huge.

              1. re: Tapas52

                Tapas--you're so right about those booths! They still swallow you up--I'm only 5' 4", so I feel like Edith Ann. We were disappointed in our service and meal last night. Too many things went wrong, but we enjoyed each other's company. The manager was very apologetic and gave us a tray of complimentary desserts as well as requesting that we come again--asking to speak to him personally when we make a reservation. But......we're not sure we'll give it another go.

                1. re: pjat50

                  pjat50 sorry to hear about your unacceptable experience there are so man y other nice places in the area to try. As for the "SINKING" booths WOW still the same!...they totally ruin your dining experience for sure.

                  Any way Live & learn eh?....

                  Happy New Year to you

                  1. re: Tapas52

                    You too, Tapas52--a happy and healthy 2009. River Market is on my list of places to try.

                    1. re: pjat50

                      pjat50 River market is a good choice for sure....
                      enjoy, Lunch or Dinner.
                      Report back also

                      take care