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Aug 13, 2007 09:43 AM

Don Q rum

my family (my grandparents and mother et al) lived in puerto rico for many years and they are a Don Q family.

i can't seem to find it here in Connecticut. any help?

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  1. Fortune Brands appears to be the distributors of Don Q for CT.

    1. Friend from PR swears by it as well, we've seen it in Jersey liquor stores.

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      1. re: joypirate

        It gives me heart to know it can be found in the U.S. It's my favorite basic, light, mixing rum. My in-laws live in PR, and I had a little almost every day when I was there.

      2. I bought a big ol' handle of Don Q silver in Brooklyn this week. I don't know about Connecticut. But it means there's a distributor in the tri-state area.

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        1. re: nerdgoggles

          I found it at M & R Liquors on Rt. 4 in Farmington

          1. re: japhyryder

            Sweet! I'm glad you found the gold (rum) at the end of your food quest.

        2. I'm sure that Don Q will be glad to hear from you. They will now have it available 'just about everywhere'. In fact, I'm hosting a RumFest in NYC on October 15 at Valbella NY Restaurant and they'll be there ready to 'rock 'n roll'! Contact Bill Frank at and I'm sure he can tell you of additional outlets in your neck of the woods. (I JUST got my bottle of their Anejo on Friday night and I'm in HEAVEN!