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Aug 13, 2007 09:36 AM

Chinese Bakery

Any recommendations for a top Chinese bakery in Montreal? I rarely partake as my fiancée is not partial to Chinese food generally, but thought Chinatown might be a good place to start (yes, a real deductive genius). On Saturday I found a busy bakery on De La Gauchetiere just west of St. Urbain but did not find that what was on offer was very appealing. I assume there is something better. Any suggestions?

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  1. Slim pickings unfortunately - the one you seem to be talking about is on de la Gauchetiere, the name escapes me now, next to a tiny clothing store, and inside is a couple of tables and chairs. The places in Chinatown pretty much have the same stuff.
    There's a place directly across next to the buffet joint, with pictures of frosty smoothies and the like(?!), but they have egg tarts and buns and things.
    Then there's Andy and Doby underneath Kam Fung on St. Urbain just around the corner and up the street from de la Gauchetiere, with similar offerings. They seem to have more choice though.

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      I find there is a nicer one on Somerset in Ottawa, if any of you get to the Chinatown there. Obviously any more specific queries would go onto the Ontario board.

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        Quality-wise, I find Dobe & Andy to be marginally better than the others.

        The place attached to the buffet is surprisingly good despite the frightful quality of the buffet; I'd put it second out of the three. (If I'm not mistaken they are sister businesses, and the bakery prepares some of the buffet items.)

      2. funny. we had coconut buns and moon cakes (the only two items they were selling) sunday at the botanical garden. they have a cart selling chinese bakery items in the chinese gardens right infront of the soy display. i wish i remembered to ask them who thier supplier was.

        1. The Kim Phat on Jarry has an amazing bakery section with incredibly fresh cream buns and tons more.

          3733 Jarry Est, Montréal, Québec H1Z 2G1 Tél.: 514-727-8919

          Apart from that, in Chinatown I like the cream buns (custard buns, really) and big almond cookies at that place attached to the buffet on de la Gauchetiere that someone else mentioned.

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            The place in the buffet makes its dough too sweet. I don't like it. It's not bad, but it's not great. Chow's on La Gauchetière east of St-Laurent is the best place in Chinatown AFAIC. I haven't been to Legende in long while, but I remember it being ok. The place under Kam Fung is ok, but they wrap everything in plastic and sorta kills the pastry. I really miss Peche Delice. That place was better than anything we have now.

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              Peche Delice was alright but stopped going when food inspectors kept turning up questionable kitchen practices and finally shut it down.