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Aug 13, 2007 09:20 AM

The Church Restaurant in Stratford

Well, after much indecision, Mom and I settled on the Church. We had the Postmodern tasting menu (me with pairing, Mom just 2 glasses of wine). It was EXCELLENT! We were a little worried, having read some iffy reviews, but had enjoyed the place so much in the past that we decided to go with it anyways!

Now, foam was the order of the day, so if you don't like cuisine that incorporates 'foams', this isn't the choice for you. Then again, foam can be vapid if badly done and that certainly wasn't the case here.

Appropriately sized portions for a tasting menu, we were pleasantly surprised about how much flavour punch each course packed. Of course, that is as it should be but we were nonetheless surprised!

It was well worth the trip!

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