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Aug 13, 2007 09:10 AM

Good peach cobbler?

I have a friend who just moved here from up north and has never had a peach cobbler before. She went to the Salt Lick for her birthday, unfortunately, and had their so-called cobbler. It was a big bowl of mush and someone referred to it as baby food.

Does anyone know where I can take her for a good peach cobbler?

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  1. It's peach season and cobbler isn't hard to make. Wouldn't you rather make her one?

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      I thought about it but we are planning a girls night on Wednesday and I thought it would take me longer than 2 days to find a recipe, try it out, and find the best one.

    2. I really love the one at County Line on the Lake's a la mode. Just the right amount of spice and sweet, peaches still have lots of texture and a sweet, flakey-chewy crust with lots of cin/sugar.

      1. Try the cobbler at Ben's Longbranch BBQ on East 11th just east of I-35. IN-CREDIBLE!