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Aug 13, 2007 08:40 AM

Wine Country One Night Sleep and Eat

Was going to spend the night with hubby at Hotel Healdsburg and have dinner at Dry Creek Kitchen, but after reading the reviews on Chowhound's Board, I'm ready to cancel. Any suggestions for other nice hotels with equally nice restaurants located inside the property? We might be able to swing a walk next door, but are too exhausted to go much further than that.

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  1. We're new here, but live in Napa. We like the Ledson Hotel on the square in Sonoma, the restaurant is tasty as well. Or you could walk a couple blocks to The Girl and the Fig.

    1. Cyrus is a few blocks from the Hotel Healdsburg...and an excellent dining experience.

      Cyrus Restaurant
      29 North St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

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      1. re: Husky

        Wow, can't believe I didn't think of Cyrus. Right up there with The French Laundry in my opinion. If the restaurant is scaring you off, then this is your solution.

        1. re: Husky

          I ate at Cyrus a few weeks ago and found it very disappointing. At that price point, there should be no "misses" and there were more than one. A few of the wine pairings were also lackluster. I am still sad thinking about it because I was so excited to eat there. My husband and I went with my parents, and all four of us had the same impression.

          1. re: meganinlosfeliz

            Would you mind posting a more detailed review? I haven't been there yet, but most of the reviews I've read have been very positive, and it would be helpful to have a critical post from a regular poster.

            1. re: daveena

              I definitely plan on doing it - this week if possible. I took photos so I just have to find some time to download them. In short, the poussin dish was a standout, the lamb was extremely disappointing, the thai lobster that has been on their menu for years didn't work at all for me and the pairing was terrible, the champage and caviar cart was lovely, and the pastas were very good. My mom loved her foie gras--the seared version in a traditional preparation--but the torchon version my husband and I ordered didn't seem to work. In particular I did not care for the combination of the foie gras and the ginger scones accompanying the dish. My husband's wine pairing for the fish was the same as for another completely different fish dish one of us ordered- it worked for the other dish but not for his at all. The red wine served with the lamb was nothign special. Overall, the wine pairings, which cost $280 for the 4 of us, seemed "phoned in" and like they were just trying to save money by choosing by the glass selections or using one wine for two different courses as mentioned above. It was $900 for the 4 of us plus tip. I have had better meals at Providence in L.A. for much less, and also at Spago (tasting menu only and for as similar cost). We did explain the things we didn't like to our server, but there was no follow up. Other than that though, service was flawless.

        2. The Farmhouse Inn in Forestville. I've heard nothing but good about the food, and the rooms look gorgeous -- very romantic.

          1. We like the Vintner's Inn. John Ash restaurant is on the property. Also, as Ruth suggested, the Farmhouse is very close and very good. The restaurant is wonderful, the rooms are just OK.

            1. While I did not eat inside the restaurant proper of Dry Creek Kitchen, I did recently stay at Hotel Healdsburg and ate dinner outside in the courtyard where they were serving grilled chicken and grilled tri-tips (the cook told me they were using apple wood and almond wood). I believe the food operation is closely related to Dry Creek Kitchen, given the servers were all wearing uniformed t-shirts with "DCK" on it.

              First, the hotel was very nice. I believe you can get very good rates on weekdays. Huge rooms, comfortable beds and pillows. The swimming pool and lawn areas are nice. Location is perfect for exploring Healdsburg on foot. I definitely recommend staying at the hotel.

              Eating at the hotel is another story - while none of the food from breakfast or dinner was bad, it wasn't good enough to rave about. Dinner - the grilled meats were flavored properly but the chicken was just on the dry side. The heirloom tomato salad didn't taste any better than supermarket tomatoes. The black beans were good. The cous-cous was weird, served with chunks of canteloupe, which didn't really match well. Service was very scattered, especially considering how many servers were visibly available. Small requests such as for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee needed to be repeated after ten minute waits, despite a lack of a crowd of other customers. Breakfast - decent buffet presented nicely, but if you like eggs, you'll find the warm eggy custard dish lacking in flavor.

              To quote a popular travel TV show host, "never eat at the hotel". I only did because I was with a group and everything was paid for already.

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              1. re: Benny Choi

                Thanks for the update on DCK.

                Should mention that Cyrus Restaurant in is the Hotel Les Mars.

                Farmhouse Inn
                7871 River Rd, Forestville, CA 95436

                Dry Creek Kitchen
                317 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448

                John Ash & Co
                4330 Barnes Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95403

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Appreciate everyone's input. Guess I should have mentioned that I booked a special that includes room (tax, etc.) and 6-course tasting menu for two for under $475. I agree with Benny that hotel restaurants can be a risk. Broken down, dinner is practically free if you go by the rack rates for the rooms.
                  Checked on availability for Farmhouse and it's booked. I'll keep looking.

                  1. re: sophia Markoulakis


                    Cyrus Restaurant
                    29 North St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

                    Les Mars Hotel
                    27 North St, Healdsburg, CA 95448