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Aug 13, 2007 08:29 AM

Dean and Deluca - Bran Muffin

I recently had the best bran muffin I'd ever had from Dean and Deluca and wanted to know if anyone has a similar recipe to theirs. What was most noteworthy was how moist it was and the complexity in flavor.

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  1. Never had a D&D bran muffin but, after trying & discarding many recipes, these are the only bran muffins for me, as they are moist, richly flavoured, & contain lots of real bran but NOT the usually accompanying nasty sandpapery texture. I usually halve the recipe and bake 6 at a time. Recipe from mother of Canadian downhill skier Steve P, circa 1980.

    Refrigerator Bran - Jackie Podborski's
    Mix and set aside: ⅔c wheat germ, 3c natural bran, 3c All-Bran cereal or 100% bran cereal, 3c boiling water. Cream 1c butter, 2c brown sugar, 1c sugar, ½c molasses, 4 eggs, 4c buttermilk, 2c raisins or chopped dates. Mix together 5c apf, 3T soda, 2t salt and stir into batter. Mix in bran. Store refrig up to 6w in two 10c glass containers (don't use for at least 24h). Fill muffin tins ¾ full. Bake 25-30m in preheated 375° oven. Makes ~5 doz, 144 cal ea.

    Don't know

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      I was reading your recipe, and came across something that has me stumped

      " Mix together 5c apf, "

      Could you tell me what apf is?


      Thank you both!!

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            all-purpose flour. i'm assuming.