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Aug 13, 2007 08:16 AM

Restaurant Week: Dino vs Farrah Olivia?

I have a few guests coming into town at the end of August and I wanted to take advantage of the few restaurant week extensions. I'm debating between Dino and Farrah Olivia - any thoughts?

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  1. They are quite different restaurants. Dino's is casual Italian; a place I'd go with a few friends for pasta and vino. The food at Farrah Olivia is more upscale; not better, just quite different. FO is more interesting food, smaller, quieter. Some won't like the chef's deconstructions; he often serves the various components of a dish seaprately adn soemtimes in unique ways. I like his approach very much but sometimes he pushes it toofar, IMHO. Look at the menus for both online. Dino's is alwsy inexpensive so I doubt if you would save much there because of RW.

    1. If you are going on a Sun-Wednesday and plan on being hungry, by all means go to Dino!! I am a big fan of restaurant week, but I have to say was disappointed with the(absolutely beautifully prepared and plated) food they served me at FO--there were only 3 options for each course, the portions were so small (appetizers are amuse-sized and dinners like a second course of a 7 course tasting menu) I went away very hungry (I rarely finish my meals as I have a small appetite--and we ate early, yet my stomach growled loudly following dessert) and dissatisfied--the tastes were sometimes amazingly harmonious and sometimes too separated on the plate or in the dish to be anything but over or underwhelming.

      Dino has a full menu availible, with a few steak dishes upcharged and free corkage sun-wednesday this month...the parking is terrible, but at least you wont go home hungry or limited in choices!

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        I hope you give FO another try. I have never left hungary.

        Your experience, however, exemplifies why I don't go to participating restuarants during RW. I support the idea of RW to encourage diners to try new places but I find the limited choices and often overly-busy staff and restuarants not to my taste.