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Aug 13, 2007 07:29 AM

No 9 Bar Questions

Just a few quick questions for clarification:

I know there seems to be a strong preference for the bar side of No 9 Park for a less fussy meal. Can you get the full dinner menu in the bar, or only the bar/cafe menu? I'm angling for the prune gnocchi, among other things...

What are the other big hits at No 9, whether off the bar or the regular dinner menus?

and finally, if I'm heading for the bar/cafe, I assume I don't need a reservation-- correct?

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  1. Sitting at the actual bar, you can order from either the dining room menu or the cafe menu. At the cafe table, you can only order from the cafe menu. I love the truffled gnocchi with lobster, mushrooms and peas. No reservations taken, so get there fairly early if you want a bar seat -- worth it not only for the menu options, but also for the outstanding bartending.

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      Sit at the bar so you can be served by one of the bartenders, they are out of this world.

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        That truffled gnocchi is E's favorite too. He orders it every time - most recently this weekend, when we ate at the bar. I usually order the prune gnocchi with foie gras and vin santo, or one of the other pastas, but this time I ordered a fantastic variation of tuna nicoise, with generous slices of ruby-red seared tuna. As always, I asked John to choose my cocktails. First up was a 'deconstructed' Toronto (one of my favorite cocktails, made with rye and fernet), topped with a fernet-brown sugar foam. Then I enjoyed a 492? 592? - similar to a Negroni but made with instead of gin. Met Ben, the new (to us) bartender - nice guy. Delicious food, excellent cocktails, great time, and some of the most welcoming and professional staff I know. Just another reason why No 9 Park is one of my favorite restaurants.

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          I think you might be talking about a 1794. Ben has suggested that drink to me a number of times and I think it is a very nice cocktail. Also, one that they have been making for me on a fairly regular basis now is the Hearst Cocktail. Gin, sweet vermouth, orange bitters and Angostora bitters. Also, if you are up for something a little different try the Good Humor. I had it last week and it consisted of Aperol and egg yolk...and something else that I can't remember. That tends to happen after a night when all three bartenders where there. Ryan and Ben behind the bar and John hanging out for a while. I also tried the Toronto with the Fernet foam but I found it a tad too sweet and prefer the original recipe.

          And yes, I think the truffled gnocchi and the potato crusted yellowfin are standouts but the food highlight of the evening was the Corn Chowder. Something that sounds so plain was so wonderful that it makes me want to go back and have more...I grew up hating my mother's corn chowder and 9 Park's was so good and it included a couple of fried clams on top.

          1. re: JWR

            1794 - ahh. I was way off ; )

            I've had the Hearst before, but not the Good Humor. I'll have to try that the next time we're at No 9 Park, and that corn chowder - sounds delicious!

      2. Thanks for all of your suggestions! At 630 on a Saturday we waited at a cafe table just until our drinks arrived before being moved to our bar seats. Ryan was wonderful and paired wines for us (a Chablis? a Pica Broca? Dessert wine? don't ask details, it was a long night! We started with the flight of House Specialty drinks-- our fave was the Palmyra, a vodka mojito ish thing.).

        We shared:
        Oysters (PEI & Duxbury)
        Truffled Gnocchi with lobster, peas, mushroom
        Prune stuffed gnocchi (OMG. SO yummy!)
        Gorgonzola fondue with lamb
        Chocolate Tablet dessert (banana, something malted, wonderful)

        Everything was fabulous! What a great night! Dreaming of that prune gnocchi...