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Aug 13, 2007 07:27 AM

Mochi Ice Cream

I'm kind of a picky eater and I've been trying new stuff lately. So I heard about this odd treat and I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me where I could find Mochi Ice Cream in NYC or the general area. Do any stores near here carry it? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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  1. you can buy it frozen in many asian markets (chinese, japanese or korean) as it is mass-marketed. you can also order it at most mid-level japanese restaurants; most restos wouldn't prepare it, but just order it pre-made.

    on the high-end tip, they also serve it at momofuku ssam bar (not sure about noodle bar) and I believe they make it themselves, as they have some atypical flavors not usually found; the selection changes as well.

    1. Thanks, I'll have to see if there are any asian markets near me. I would feel a little strange though going there just for this x_x. I get the feeling I'd be getting a lot of strange looks.

      1. They sell it at Trader Joe's too. I am not sure how authentic it is, but I like it. I recommend the green tea or mango.

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          I don't think there are any Trader Joe's in New York. Well not any I've heard of. I heard that the ice cream has more fat in it than in Japan and obviously if its made fresh it'll be different but otherwise it should be as authentic as it is in Japan when not handmade. I don't really like Green Tea although I'll have to try Mango. To be honest Vanilla appeals to me most.

          According to the official website there is one 12 miles from me in New Jersey but thats a tad far for Ice Cream.

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            There is a Trader Joes at Union Square. I don't know if they have mochi there, but you could call them.

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              The Trader Joe's in Union Square does have mochi. You might be better off just going down to the Japanese area around 3rd Avenue and 9th-12th Sts. M2M Market has mochi and a large "gaijin" clientele. Sunrise Mart is just as good, though the English of some cashiers is a bit spotty.

        2. Whole Foods has Bubbies (shop in Honolulu) mochi ice cream. It is pricey but excellent. BTW the green tea mochi ice cream from Trader Joe's is artificially flavoured; I could not even finish one.

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            the green tea mochi ice cream at trader joe's is also a common one found in asian (or at least korean) supermarkets. there's other brands that sell green tea, red bean, and chocolate mochis. i'd check out the h-mart in k-town on 32nd st for those and other asian dessert treats. there's red bean ice pops and melon pops that are adorned by young & old alike. and, there's a pinkberry there if you haven't tried this craze yet.

            there's this brand of japanese green tea ice cream that i love, i usually pick it up at mitsuwa in new jersey. good stuff, it's a white carton with lots of green writing. about $8 for the carton.

            1. re: kerokaeru

              i'm nearly positive that it is not artificial.

            2. JAS Mart on 23rd across from Madison Sq Park also carries it.