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Crispo? (Baltimore 'Hound Needs Advice)

My wife and I will be spending a few days at the Jersey shore and before we head back to Maryland, we want to hit NYC for her birthday dinner. I currently have reservations for Crispo this Saturday night.

We are looking for a delicious and romantic (Italian) dinner, have I selected the right place?? We aren't looking to break the bank, but do want a nice atmostphere and memorable food.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.....


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  1. Yes you picked a perfect place. Great food, romantic ambiance, and reasonable prices. Enjoy.

    1. I think you've made a great choice. If you search Crispo on the boards here, you will find that most food recommendations are on point.

      1. I think you've got the right place (and in fact, I'm headed there for dinner tonight). The food is terrific and I think the prices are moderate for the type of place it is. My bill is usually about $150-180, all in for 2 people. Definitely get the carbonara, and while I haven't had them yet the spaghetti and meatballs get rave reviews.

        The atmosphere is informal and fun but it is on the louder side - personally I think it's a romantic place with the brick walls and low lighting but it's not romantic in the way that more formal, hushed places would feel. There is a garden in the back which is very pretty and a good setting for a celebratory dinner.

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          That's really all in, I've gone there with 3 for the same cost!

        2. I like the food at Crispo, but I don't know that I'd call it memorable. It's more like very well-prepared standards. I definitely don't find it romantic, though. To me it's a very good neighborhood place, but not really a special occasion place. Obviously, others disagree.

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          1. Just went there last week for the first time.
            I agree with everyone else...good choice...u won't spend a fortune

            1. a bit out of your way, no? depending on where at the shore you're going to be, it's probably not worth the trip. i bet if you post this same request on mid-atlantic, you can find an equally good restaurant, especially italian, closer to where you'll be.

              1. I don't think Crispo is romantic at all. When I went there we had couples to both sides and could easily engage in either conversation - not that we did. The rest of the room is quite loud. I kind of found this place to be a glorified Olive Garden - sorry, just my opinion.

                1. We'll be dining at Crispo soon for the first time. We like pasta and was wondering if Crispo serves half portions...and if it would be too much for two people to order two half portions of pasta apiece so we can taste a variety. (Would probably split one veal entree and one dessert.)

                  What do you think?


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                    I believe they do serve half portions of pasta. I was there Sat. night and my husband and I asked to share the rigatoni short rib bolognese (one of the specials of the day) as our entree. The server asked if we wanted two half-portions instead or one full order. I'm not sure what the price difference might have been but we just split the full order. The portion was huge. It would have been too much for one person. But we had also grazed on lots of appetizers and weren't too hungry at that point. Enjoy!

                  2. I think you're in the right place. Just took my family there this weekend (about my 5th time this year) and everything was well-prepared as usual. I find the space cozy romantic (went there to celebrate my engagement earlier this year), but my parents did complain that it was a little loud (I haven't found that to be the case), for what it's worth.

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                      I absolutely love Crispo and the food but I would be remiss if I left you with the impression that it was a "romantic place." Gosh, not to me it isn't.
                      It's a very nice, and fairly noisy, neighborhood place that serves really very good Italian fare and the price is right.
                      Romantic? No way!

                    2. Just went to Crispo for the first time this past weekend, out to eat with grandparents and thought it would be a good choice as far as atmosphere. It is not too noisy compared with many options in the lower half of the city, but while our food was solid, I would not call most of it particularly "memorable." Are you set on Italian food? There are other restaurants I can think of that might fit the bill as far as a good atmosphere and memorable food, but no specific Italian that comes to mind...

                      1. Thank you all for your input, I really appreciate your help.
                        I get the feeling that Crispo may not be as romanic as I had hoped, so If any one has a suggestion of a slightly more romantic venue for Italian cuisine, please let me know. Thanks again!