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Aug 13, 2007 06:07 AM

The Best Cognac

Remy Martin is my new favorite cognac ive done the Hennessy and Courvasior thing whats you guys favorite any smaller companies that produce a tasty cognac out there?

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    1. Try Prunier Cognac Axel Gay. Its one of the better cognacs in its price range.

      1. My fav, at any price is Hine Triomphe, a bit over $200 a bottle. Hine makes other blends at lower, and higher prices. Hine Rare and Delicate is less than $50 and is wonderful. Hine has a more floral nose than the more common brands you mentioned. Another great cognac and a very good price is Pierre Ferrand. I like the Reserve which is very reasonably priced. There are many to try and that is the best way to find your fav.

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        1. re: rednyellow

          BIG +1 for the Pierre Ferrand.
          Currently working the Reserve and the Selection des Anges.

        2. Prunier and Delamain are definitely both great cognacs. Chateau de Beaulon, Ragnaud Sabourin and Raymond Ragnaud are all really good boutique producers as well.

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            There are a multitude of fabulous small producers of Cognac. Dudognon Heritage, Paul Giraud Tres Rare are revelations. they are made from 40-50 YO single barrel products no caramel color, no charcoal no nothing. They are to Corvoisier or Remy martin what Macallan 25 is to Cutty Sark. the only problem is that they will set you back at least a couple of bills, now maybe 3. But if you try them, you won't go back.

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              I agree, go a level above the xo. Pierre Ferrand Abel, Pierre Ferrand vintages, daniel bouju brut de fut 25yo, are great.

              1. re: chazzerking

                Just in case you still drink these two premire Cognacs you posted in the past..
                (Dudognon Heritage - Paul Giraud Tres - Paul Giraud Heritage)
                Was wondering what of them has the most long term 'drinkability' with some fruit, balance, light wood barrel and smoothness.

                thanks for any impressions you can shed light on them.

            2. The original comment has been removed
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                  I agree with Kelt. The VSOP is up there with many XO's. And the XO is even better.