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Aug 13, 2007 05:42 AM

Tampa- near John Knox Village on Fletcher Ave.?

Soon, I will be visiting a friend at John Knox Village, at 4100 Fletcher Avenue.

Chowhounds, What would you recommend in the way of a good Seafood or Steak (or authentic Florida, southern) place nearby for lunch? Thanks!

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  1. there's some good food up that way, but i can't think of many good fla or steak places nearby that i have knowledge of.

    Savvy Jack';s serves some updated southern comfort food on 56th south of fowler.

    Morae's serves good persian on fletcher nearby, good kebabs and such.

    1. I work at John Knox Village doing a service once a month...
      Often, I'll hit a Thai restaurant called Lai Thai for their lunch buffet...
      It's a pretty little restaurant and the food is nice...
      Just a mile or so west of John Knox Village on the left...

      Lai Thai Restaurant

      1905 E Fletcher Ave
      Tampa, FL 33612
      (813) 977-9065

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        Mild Bill, thanks, does the restaurant use the fresh (wide) pillowy rice noodles for such dishes as Kee Mao? Hard to find in Florida Thai places, I have noticed.

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          I don't know that much about Thai food to ID the species of noodle...
          I've also never ordered off the menu... I just hunt and peck off of the buffet...
          It's OK--- a lil' bit better than a couple other Thai lunch buffets I pop into when I'm bouncing around town...

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            Mild Bill, seek out the fresh rice noodles. they are made in sheets, and then sliced. they are pillowy and soft, and luscious. they make a totally different taste sensation. try a kee mao.


            see this link for info on the fresh noodle. have to go now, readying for chowhound road trip to Florida -- and 18 hours of drudgery on highways!

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              good God, you're not likelty to find fresh noodles at Lai Thai's buffet. I don't go anymore--- not much flavor to be found there. Thai Ruby to the north on 30th is far better.

      2. A good steak in that neighborhood is a real stretch. If you want some good Florida, food though, take Fletcher west to Bruce B. Downs and then a quick left on to Bearrs Ave. Follow that down about 2 miles - you'll come to a fork in the road with Skipper Road to the left. Take that to the end and you find Skipper's Smokehouse on your right (www.skipperssmokehouse.com). You'll find local seafood, gator tail and conch chowder and some pretty good entertainment. You can think of it as a poor man's House of Blues..

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          thanks, that looks great! FYI for anyone posting a website address, for some reason, the parentheses around it nullify the hot link. but skipperssmokehouse warranted a "type into the browser" for SURE!

        2. Cafe Don Jose is pretty close, 56th between Fletcher and Fowler

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            Don Jose is a nice choice if want a more upscale experience. Overpriced for dinner, but ideal for lunch.

          2. Not sure where you are coming from or what you consider "good seafood", but if you take Bruce B Downs going south and cross over Fletcher and then Fowler you will see a Shells Seafood restaurant on you right about half a mile down. I am originally from New England and believe that their clam chowder is better then any I have had in Boston. Yes, it is a florida chain and some will disagree with me, I think for lunch they have a great value and the Shrimp Mezzo Mezzo is out of this world with garlic flavor. Interesting to note, there reason that I think it is a good value for lunch is because salad is included, but not with dinner.